"Don't wait for accidents to happen"


32 ICTCT conference on 24/25 October 2019 in Warsaw, Poland

Registration for the conference is open at: ictct.il.pw.edu.pl


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ICTCT Mission statement

ICTCT is and international association aiming since 1988 at building up and sharing scientific knowledge on road safety, with a particular interest for methods that do not only rely on crash data but also on non-crash events. It does so by organising conferences, courses and opportunities for knowledge transfer, all directed to a worldwide professional audience. ICTCT approaches safety as an integral part of the wider road traffic system, envisaging all transport modes with a specific emphasis on vulnerable road users.



Advantages of beeing an ICTCT member

Road safety remains to be an important issue. ICTCT has contributed to knowledge in this field for many decades, particularly by studying traffic conflicts. Studying safety problems before severe crashes occur enables a proactive approach for improving road safety. ICTCT still has traffic safety work in the focus, but adapted to the present situation. This includes taking care of mobility aspects, sustainability, life quality and urban development. Thus, if you are still interested in traffic safety work, join ICTCT, and you will be in best company. Not least, the network of ICTCT will make working for traffic safety a pure pleasure. Moreover, it is not the boring specialists’ network where all experts belong to the same breed telling each other what they already know. Indeed, it is a real interdisci­plinary network where we try to explain things to each other and to understand each other, though often seeing it from different perspectives. This contributes to getting a wider perspec­tive on traffic safety. In this interdisciplinary niche, you can – and you have to – check and recheck your ideas. Additionally, ICTCT is really an international association with members from 30 countries. A third type of mix characteristic for ICTCT is the combination of researchers and practitioners in the asso­ciation. Thus, the different approaches of these two groups are also considered systematically in our work. One important point is, though, that the network is not too big. With ~100 members you are still able to know every member personally. You will thus know to whom to turn, when you need help and want to get a quick feedback on your question. In ICTCT we also give to each other hints on ongoing or running research and on publications even in local language. As we rely on each other we also exchange data, which makes research more efficient because of better distribution of knowled­ge and additional continuing discussions concerning implementation of results. In the frame of such interactions every member can visualise his/her work and also identify research units with which one can cooperate in connection with one’s work. It has to be added, and repeated, that ICTCT focusses very much on work in progress; improving the methods that are applied, asking the right questions and new questions, discussing and doubting procedures and so on, are a regular part of our commu­nication. This approach is strengthened by the tradition of ICTCT to dedicate one fourth of the time allocated for presentations to questions and discussion.

ICTCT network

The present ICTCT members are quite important experts from academia, governmental organisa­tions, road authorities, and private institutes who know the relevant stakeholders in their countries and internationally. Also a good connection to scientific journals is there so that possibilities to pro­duce special issues of journals are there, which increases the possibilities of publishing. But all this is done without anybody in the association asking for money. The benefit for all of us is twofold: We learn and we have the pleasure to learn in cooperation with friends. Starting from this attitude senior researchers of ICTCT carry out a two-day early-career researcher course connected to every annual workshop, where the fees only cover the organisational costs (rooms and catering). The lecturers do not require any payment.

Why should institutions become members

Why should institutions be members of ICTCT, though? All of the above gives young and new resear­chers who take part in the ICTCT networking activities including, of course, the annual workshops a faster possibility to learn and gain experience as a traffic safety researcher, within a shorter time. ICTCT puts your road safety researchers in a fast track to state-of-the-art knowledge, keep them up­dated regarding traffic safety trends, and improves the quality of your research personnel. More practically, being member offers the opportunity to raise a question within the ICTCT network to acquire information and experiences from other member’s countries.

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