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Safety evaluations of traffic systems—traffic conflicts and other measures

October 1993

Salzburg, Austria


Welcome by the organizers

Wolf Dietrich Zuzan


Ralf Risser

A sustainable network of traffic safety researchers

Hans Mohlin

Theories on traffic safety evalution connected to new road traffic informatics (RTI)

Christer Hydén

Sustainability in today’s traffic in the Netherlands

Joop H. Kraay

Possibilities and limitations of accident analysis

Siem Oppe

Traffic conflict techniques and other forms of behavioural analysis: application to safety diagnosis

Nicole Muhlrad

Working group A

What is sustainable traffic? Do safety, mobility and life-quality compete with each other?

Ralf Risser

Safety and quality of life from the point of view of accident prevention

Wolfgang Glaser

Competitive target in the design of the streets due to the need of older road users

Christhard Gelau

Safety of traffic compared to other human activities

Kirsi Pajunen

Road safety and the urban poor

Stanley K. Kamau

Perception of society on mobility and relative safety

Joseph Otieno Aoro

Working group B

Theories on human behaviour and interction in traffic

Farida Saad

Theories on human behaviour and interaction in traffic

Steve Stradling

Time-to-Collision and collision avoidance systems

Richard van der Horst
Jeroen Hogema

Safety is not necessarily pleasant and pleasantness is not necessarily safe

Oliver Carsten

Alcohol and traffic accidents

Luis Montoro

Anxiety and traffic safety

Enrique Carbonell Vaya

Working group C

Driver reliability and traffic safety: the use of error data in assessing road traffic informatics (RTI)

Herbert Gstalter

Application of error data in traffic safety evaluation: a review of our recent field studies

Wolfgang Fastenmeier
Herbert Gstalter

Reliability of the driver: a method of driver modelling for prevention of driver failure

Heiner Bubb

Identification and prioritisation on road safety programmig

Salim Agus Ridwan

A qualitative evaluation of RTI demonstrators using in-depth analysis and opinion investigation

Pierre Van Elslande
Claudine Nachtergaele

Working group D

Statistical and in-depth analysis of accidents

Dominique Fleury

Information related accident components for increased frequency accident locations

Wolfgang J. Berger

In-depth investigation of accidents: the experience of INRETS at Salon-de-Provence

Yves Girard

The influence of road safety parameters on ccident rates—a statistical analyis

Herbert Nowakowski

Risk, accident rate and exposure—helpful tools or concealing obstacles in traffic safety work

Karin Brundell-Freij
Lars Ekman