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Traffic safety management—tackling the problems in urban areas and at other hot spots

27–28 October 2011

Warsaw, Poland

Local organizer: Ilona Butler

The conference was organized in close co-operation with Motor Transport Institute.



Alcohol Ignition Interlocks: Using Anti-Drunk Driving Technology to Manage Traffic Safety

Ward Vanlaar

The use of different IVT-systems—results from focus group interviews from the EU-project INTERACTION

Clemens Kaufmann

Inferring the safety impacts of specific ITS services

Risto Kulmala

Special session

Changing needs in Urban Traffic

Rob Methorst

Issues getting increasing importance

Solutions to mobility problems due to local supply deficits

Elke Sumper

Accessibility instruments in urban transport planning in Krakow and other cities in Poland

Sabina Pulawska

Sleepiness behind the Wheel

Rob Methorst

The measurement of the modern prejudice against older drivers

Hector Monterde-i-Bort

Traffic safety: behaviours and education

Abdel El-Hairy

Traffic safety: behaviours and education

Approaches to generalising knowledge about the effects of road safety measures

Rune Elvik

Assessing the impact of road safety policy measures at the regional level: modelling approach and application

Stijn Daniels

Explanatory models for crashes at high risk locations

Tim De Ceunynck

Defining and implementing ‘good practice’ in urban road safety management, with particular focus on policies promoting pedestrian quality need

Nicole Muhlrad


Chair: Stijn Daniels

Factors contributing to high pedestrian accident rates in Polish cities <href=”ictct_document_nr_829_24th ictct=”” -=”” olszewski.pdf”=”” piotr=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_829_24th> Piotr Olszewski
Because I am your RED! ‐ Pedestrian Safety at Signalised (Streetcar) Crossings <href=”ictct_document_nr_830_24th ictct=”” -=”” hupfer.pdf”=”” christoph=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_830_24th> <href=”person_nr_27.html”>HUPFER, Christoph </href=”person_nr_27.html”>
To Kindergarten without car‐ a safe way <href=”person_nr_59.html”>AUSSERER, Karin </href=”person_nr_59.html”>
Random forests in the evaluation of threat for pedestrian accidents in towns <href=”ictct_document_nr_831_24th ictct=”” -=”” nowakowska.pdf”=”” marzena=””>Click to download file! <href=”ictct_document_nr_832_24th nowakowska.pdf”=”” marzena=”” ictct-=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_832_24th></href=”ictct_document_nr_831_24th> <href=”person_nr_95.html”>NOWAKOWSKA, Marzena </href=”person_nr_95.html”>
Women´s everyday mobility supported by e‐bikes <href=”ictct_document_nr_848_24 ictct=”” th=”” chaloupka.pdf”=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_848_24> <href=”person_nr_17.html”>CHALOUPKA, Christine </href=”person_nr_17.html”>


Chair: Ryszard Krystek, Ilona Buttler

The top speed impact on the road network design in Latvia <href=”ictct_document_nr_833_24th ictct-=”” lazda.pdf”=”” ziedonis=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_833_24th> Ziedonis Lazda
The magnitude of the regression to the mean effect in traffic crashes <href=”ictct_document_nr_834_24th ictct=”” pauw.pdf”=”” de=”” -ellen=””>Click to download file! <href=”ictct_document_nr_835_24th ictct=”” pauw.pdf”=”” de=”” -ellen=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_835_24th></href=”ictct_document_nr_834_24th> Ellen De Pauw
Detection of Dangerous Drivers using the Empathizing‐ Systemizing theory and the measurement of Driver’s Visual Attention Capabilities with Real‐time UFOV Method <href=”ictct_document_nr_837_24th ictct=”” -=”” danno.pdf”=”” mikio=””>Click to download file! <href=”ictct_document_nr_838_24th [schreibgeschützt].pdf”=”” ictct=”” -=”” mikio=”” danno=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_838_24th></href=”ictct_document_nr_837_24th> <href=”person_nr_431.html”>DANNO, Mikio </href=”person_nr_431.html”>
Collection of micro‐level safety and efficiency indicators with automated video analysis <href=”person_nr_16.html”>SVENSSON, Ã…se </href=”person_nr_16.html”>
Traffic conflict technique in the Czech Republic <href=”ictct_document_nr_839_24th ictct=”” -=”” ambros.pdf”=”” jiri=””>Click to download file! <href=”ictct_document_nr_844_ambros.pdf”>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_844_ambros.pdf”></href=”ictct_document_nr_839_24th> Jiří Ambros; <href=”person_nr_436.html”>AMBROS, Jiri </href=”person_nr_436.html”>
Development of a system to collect data of property damage traffic accident locations <href=”ictct_document_nr_840_24th ictct=”” -=”” ernits.pdf”=”” erik=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_840_24th> Eric Ernits
A Typological Analysis of Accidents in Chile <href=”person_nr_146.html”>FRESARD, Francisco </href=”person_nr_146.html”>
Elements of the road infrastructure in managing the accidents threat <href=”ictct_document_nr_841_24th ictct-=”” olejnik.pdf”=”” krzysztof=””>Click to download file! </href=”ictct_document_nr_841_24th> Krzysztof Olejnik
Risk based approach to road safety management systems Kazimierz Jamroz