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AfroSAFE webinar January 2024

Systematic collaboration for safer road traffic

Since motorization took off and its negative consequences for people’s lives and health became increasingly apparent, the scientific world has developed more and more knowledge about who is affected, important risk factors and effective interventions. Having knowledge is one thing, but how can we ensure that this knowledge is put into practice and implemented to the benefit of all road users?

Creating a safe road transport system is a multi-sector challenge and thus requires efforts from many different actors. Therefore, we need also to develop our knowledge and capability in implementing this complex coordination in practice.

The OLA-method (Objective facts, List of solutions, Action plan) is a working approach developed in Sweden, intended to facilitate collaborations between the actors. Based on available facts, a joint discussion is initiated on potential solutions to traffic safety problems. All parties are offered a fair opportunity to present measures that they are realistically able and willing to introduce. The joint work creates higher level of commitment and mutual accountability, ultimately leading to the changes actually being implemented.

Can the OLA-method be a relevant tool for Africa, too?

About the speaker

Dr. Matts-Åke Belin is Global Lead for the Decade of Acton for Road Safety at the World Health Organization (since January 2022).

Dr. Belin has over 30 years of experience within the Swedish government, primarily working with the overall safety policies, strategies, and collaborations with different stakeholders. He was deeply involved in the preparation and organization of the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety that took place in Stockholm, Sweden, in February 2020. Before joining the World Health Organization, Dr. Belin was the Director of the Vision Zero Academy at the Swedish Transport Administration.

Dr. Belin has chaired the technical committee 3.1 ‘National Road Safety Policies and Programmes’ at the World Road Association (PIARC), and served as the international representative at the US Transportation Research Board (TRB) standing committee ANB 10 ‘Transportation Safety Management’. He was the Swedish delegate in the UN Road Safety Collaboration and served as a national and international senior policy adviser, supporting different Vision Zero initiatives around the world.

Parallel with his work within the Swedish government, Dr. Belin has an academic carrier. He has a PhD in public health policy from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. He has been affiliated with KTH Royal Technology Institute in Stockholm as an adjunct professor on traffic safety. Dr. Belin was responsible for the research program (funded by the Swedish Transport Administration) on policy implementation and innovation within the transport sector with focus on Vision Zero.

When and how

Friday, 19 January 2024
15:00-16:00 CET (time convertor)

Format: Zoom webinar/meeting

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