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AfroSAFE Academy

What is AfroSAFE Academy?

AfroSAFE Academy is a network of engaged scholars and practitioners with a joint mission to advance research and education in traffic safety with particular focus on the African context. AfroSAFE Academy provides a platform to exchange knowledge and experiences, share educational materials, and stimulate research and teaching collaborations.

AfroSAFE Academy is a trans-national initiative without direct connection to a particular country.

What do we do?

AfroSAFE Academy activities focus on:

  • Networking—creating opportunities for academics and practitioners to jointly discuss traffic safety issues, exchange knowledge and opinions
  • Scientific events—organizing webinars, conferences, training courses, etc.
  • Scientific publications—promoting research publications based on the African context
  • Funding—collecting and keeping an updated list of research funding opportunities
  • Education—compilation of high-quality teaching materials sufficient to initiate a new (or update an existing) university course on traffic safety 
  • Empowering researchers—making research career attractive and researchers’ voice heard by the politicians and decision makers.


AfroSAFE Academy was initiated in 2023 as an outcome of the Horizon Europe project ‘AfroSAFE—Safe System for radical improvement of road safety in African countries’ (2022–2026, grant  agreement 101069500).

It was decided to partner up with the ICTCT association forming a sub-committee to ensure the existence and continued activities of the AfroSAFE Academy network even after the formal closure of the AfroSafe project and financing related to that.

Upcoming events


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
12–14 June 2024
‘Knowledge-based traffic safety management for African countries’


The 2nd AfroSAFE conference will take place on 12–15 August 2025 in Winneba, Ghana.
The conference topic is
‘Data-driven discourse on Safe System approach in Africa’

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