"Don't wait for accidents to happen"

Bergel-Hayat, Ruth


Born: 1951, in Cairo, Egypt


Economics (Master Sc, 1976)

Mathematics (PhD, 2008). The use of explanatory variables in times series analysis of mobility demand and road risk, University Paris-Est, Marne-l-Vallée.

Fluent French, English and German.

Professional activities

1981-1996: Economist-statistician at the French Ministry of Transportation

1996-2017: Senior researcher at IFSTTAR, the French Institute of science and technology for transport, development and networks (former INRETS)

Teaching: Courses at Master level (University Paris-1, Paris-Dauphine, de Vinci): “Time series analysis and forecasting: applications to transport and road safety”

Main areas of interest

Mobility and road safety data analysis and modelling.

Road risk analysis at aggregate/regional/urban  level, national/regional road safety observatories.

Weather conditions and mobility/road safety; Economic activity and mobility/road safety.


2000-2006: Member of ICTSA (International Co-operation on Time-Series analysis)

2013-2017: IFSTTAR’s representative in the IRTAD group of OECD

Since 2016: Member of ICTCT


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Bergel-Hayat, Zukowska (2015) Road safety trends at national level in Europe: a review of time-series analysis performed during the period 2000-12. Transport Reviews: A Transnational Transdisciplinary Journal, 35:5, 650-671.

Bergel-Hayat, R., & Zukowska, J. (2014). Structural time series modelling of the number of road fatalities in Poland in relation with economic factors. TRA 5th conference, Paris, 14–17 April 2014.

Bergel-Hayat, R., Debbarh, M., Antoniou, C., Yannis, G. (2013) Explaining the road accident risk: Weather effects. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 60, 456-465.

Commandeur, J.J.F., Bijleveld, F., Bergel-Hayat, R., Antoniou, C., Yannis, G., Papadimitriou, E.  (2013) On statistical inference in time series analysis of the evolution of road safety. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 60, 424-434.

Bergel-Hayat, R. (2012). Time-Series Models of Aggregate Road Risk and Their Applications to European Countries, Transport Reviews: A Transnational Transdisciplinary Journal, 32:5, 653-670.


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