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Pedestrian problems

26–28 October 1994

Prague, Czech Republic


Pedestrian problems—workshop summary report

Management for pedestrians and complexity of the urban environment

Dominique Fleury

Criteria for ‘good’ traffic

Ralf Risser

Pedestrian safety in the first national safety programme in Croatia

Mladen Gledec

Town size and pedestrian accident injuries

Brigitte Cambon de Lavalette

Pedestrian safety measures – past and future

Magda Drascóczy
Christer Hydén

Elderly people as pedestrians

Christine Chaloupka

Elderly pedestrians: a positive outlook

Uwe Ewert

The accident impendency in the municipal public transport services in Cracow

Tadeusz Rotter
Antoni Wontorczyk

Children’s street crossing strategies: an observation technique

Pirkko Rämä

Pedestrian behaviour and pedestrian signal design

Oliver M. J. Carsten
Frances Hodgson

The effect of different timing schemes on pedestrian behaviour at signal controlled junctions

Kirsi Pajunen

Traffic simulation in pedestrian safety research

Eero Pasanen

Blinking yellow at signalised pedestrian crossings: an evaluation

Richard van der Horst
Wiel Janssen