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Evaluation, validation, implementation of measures to improve transport safety


Corfu, Greece

Local organizer: Panos Papaioannou


Traffic safety measures

Developing a systematic framework for proactive road safety planning

Tarek Sayed
Paul de Leur

Traffic safety at railroad level crossings

Kirsi Pajunen

Traffic safety policy implementation through highway code changes

Socrates Basbas
A. Kokkalis
Panos Papaioannou

Evaluation of traffic safety measures

The potential of accident analysis systems for the evaluation of road safety measures in Europe

John M. Frantzeskakis
John Handanos
George Yannis

Measures to improve transport safety as well as sustainibility—two case studies

Günter A. Schmidt
Lilo (Lieselotte) Schmidt

Background and principles of the Finnish safety evaluation tool TARVA

Harri Peltola

Effectiveness evaluation results of road safety measures world-wide

George Kanellaidis
Chris Karadimas
Michael Tziotis
George Yannis

Traffic management measures in Greek urban areas—evaluation of their implementation in safety trough a quantitative and qualitative perspective

George Georgiou
Magda Pitsiava-Latinopoulou

The importance of confounding in observational before-and-after studies of road safety measures

Rune Elvik

Transport safety—economic aspects

Peter Fischer

Executive enforcement

Evaluation study of a 4-year police enforcement intensification programme in the Netherlands.

Meine van Essen
Charles Goldenbeld
Jelle Heidstra

International comparison of the executive activities for the traffic safety

Thomas Macoun

Evaluating enforcement—methodological guidelines

Peter Fischer

Pedestrians and road design

Safety evaluation of pedestrianisation in medium-size towns—DUMAS EU project

John M. Frantzeskakis
Magda Pitsiava-Latinopoulou

Recommended actions for the development of safe pedestrian and bicycle-friendly communities

Panos Papaioannou
Virginia P. Sisiopiku

Effectiveness of a pedestrian measure in an arterial street in Thessaloniki, Greece—first results

Pantelis Kopelias
Panos Papaioannou
Joanna Vasiliadou

The new approach to urban planning, traffic network and street design

Per Wramborg

A prospective approach to road safety—implications for research

Nicole Muhlrad

Improved road traffic environment for better child safety in Nigeria

Joshua Adetunji Odeleye

Intelligent transport systems

Motivation to participate in a large scale ISA-project

Lars Åberg

Workload-study of ISA-drivers—a method description

Magnus Hjälmdahl

Developing the potential of micro-simulation modelling for traffic safety assessment

Jeffrey Archer

A combined brake-accelerator pedal and its evaluation

Rickard Nilsson

Total Speeding Management (TSM)—a different way for controlling speeding

David M. Zaidel

Driver behaviour

Speed behaviour in France—distribution structures and changes over the period 1986-1998

Marie-Berte Biecheler-Fretel
Jean-Francois Peytavin

The establishment of a pan-European education database as a means to understand driver errors and improve driver safety

Evangelos Bekiaris
A. Coda

Behaviour study and questionnaire survey on driver aggression

Irén Papp
Miklós Papp

Evaluation of road safety education and novice driver safety measures in Great Britain

Kate McMahon
Deirdre Mary O`Reilly

Investigating driver attitudes and behaviours on highways

George Kanellaidis
Matthew Karlaftis
Georgia Louca