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Cost-effective solution for improving road safety in rural areas—integrating education, enforcement, engineering and electronics

28–29 October 2004

Tartu, Estonia

Local organizer: Dago Antov, Tiia Rõivas

The conference was organized in close co-operation with the STRATUM OÜ.


Invited speaker

Road safety measures on rural roads in a Cost-Benefit context

Alfred Shalom Hakkert

General safety strategies—infrastructure based

ARTISTS—Arterial Streets Towards Sustainability

Christer Hydén
Åse Svensson

Safety Investment in Two-Lane Roads in Rural Area: A case Study of Jordan

Lina Shbeeb

Road safety situation in Belarus

Yuri Vazhnik

Innovative solutions with 80 and 100km/h rural distributor roads

Govert Schermers

General safety strategies—road user, vehicle, society based

Non compliant driver behaviour

Panos Papaioannou

Curbing pedestrian fatalities on the African continent

Fires van Vuuren

Vehicle technology improving traffic safety

Johan Verlaak

Is an overtaking prohibition a cost effective solution for overtaking accidents?

Geertje Hegeman

Behaviour and attitudes

Road-user behaviour in Estonia—the beliefs and attitudes towards the road safety measures

Dago Antov
Tiia Rõivas

Rural versus urban transport conditions of the elderly in Spain from the perspective of affected citizens

Hector Monterde i Bort

Roles, effects and acceptance of advanced assistance systems in the Czech Republic

Karel Schmeidler

Intelligent speed adaptation: acceptance and driver behaviour on rural roads

Arno M. Rook

Positive ways for influencing behaviour

Rob Methorst

Analysis of traffic safety on roads with brighter paved shoulder

Gundars Kains

Accident involvement of young people in rural areas and their traffic safety related attitudes

Hermann Katteler

Effects of minor speeding offences on road accidents

Veli-Pekka Kallberg

Methodological issues

A framework for a rational analysis of road safety problems

Rune Elvik

Identifying and ranking dangerous accident locations

Karolien Geurts

Road safety comparison in the Baltic sea region

Ilmar Pihlak

Cost-effective solutions for improving road safety in rural areas

Jitka Rokytova

The Use of Locomotive Horns at Highway-Rail Grade Crossings

Siim Sööt

Seasonal speed limit increasing on Estonian roads

Reigo Ude

Empirical-based studies

Long term behaviour and safety effects of speed enforcement with mobile radar

Charles Goldenbeld

Investigation of drivers behaviour at the railway and road crossings in Estonia

Jüri Lavrentjev