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How to assess traffic safety?—Adapting methods to future challenges

20–21 October 2016

Lund, Sweden

Local organizer: Åse Svensson, Aliaksei Laureshyn

The conference was organized in close co-operation with the Department of Technology & Society, Faculty of Engineering, LTH, Lund University



How to assess traffic safety?—Adapting methods to future challenges

Christer Hydén

Traffic safety of tomorrow—a conflict-free system

Maria Krafft

Vulnerable road users

Towards developing a bicycle riding behaviour questionnaire

Mohsen Fallah Zavareh

Elaborating on best practise for traffic calming pedestrian crosswalks

Lars Leden

Pedestrian Crossings near Elementary schools

Matus Sucha

The strength of the safety-in-numbers effect is inversely related to cyclist and pedestrian volume

Rune Elvik

Social structures

Road user’s behaviour in Estonia: what has changed in 2001 – 2015

Juri Ess

Impacts of connected and automated driving from the road operator perspective

Risto Kulmala

Traffic conflict techniques

Can the Delphi method complement or replace time-based measuring of conflicts between vulnerable road users?

Morten Lind Jensen

Understanding aberrant driving behaviour in Nigeria using the traffic conflict technique

Chinebuli Uzondu

Developing Evasive Action-Based Indicators for Identifying Pedestrian Conflicts in Less Organised Traffic Environments

Tarek Sayed

How to identify safety critical events in naturalistic datasets

Tibor Petzoldt

Validation of surrogate traffic safety indicators

Carl Johnsson

Observation techniques

Observing observation of road user behaviour: A scoping review into current practices in scientific literature

Wouter van Haperen

Advantages and challenges of a video-based experiment to investigate drivers’ speed choice at work zones

Renata Steinbakk

What is going on here? – Exploring Interaction of Cyclists and Car drivers in Vienna with regard to perceived change and stagnation of cycling policies

Elisabeth Füssl

The use of surrogate measures of safety in site-based observations of road traffic: a scoping review

Tim De Ceunynck

RUBA – video analysis software for road user behaviour analyses

Tanja Kidholm Osmann Madsen


Survival or deviance? A discussion of motives governing driver behaviour

Truls Vaa

The effect of wind turbines alongside motorways on drivers’ behaviour

Stijn Daniels

Cyclist Behaviour and Safety Assessment at Discontinuities in the Cycling Network: Adopting Surrogate Safety Analysis using Video Data

Matin Nabavi Niaki

GOGREEN – An Austrian national project to assess the influence of greenery on the behaviour of road users

Karin Ausserer

General Traffic Safety Culture Model: Case Study of Estonia

Anton Pashkevich


General Traffic Safety Culture Model: Case Study of Estonia

Niels Agerholm

Development of a speed-based surrogate roundabout safety measure

Ondrej Gogolín


Frequency and Severity of Pedestrian and Cyclist Accidents in Warsaw

Piotr Olszewski

Learning of Mannered Driving by Knowing own Cognitive Style of Empathizing-Systemizing

Shunji Taniguchi

Autonomous Cars: Benefits, Risks and Perspectives

Anton Pashkevich

Social media and Traffic safety in India

Thomas Rajesh

The role of fines and rewards in the self-regulation of young drivers: methodological and conceptual issues

Wafa Elias

Are weather parameters suitable predictors of road safety outcomes?

Ruth Bergel-Hayat

Is there any connection between road classification and driving speed in Slovenia?

Boštjan Celan

Speed Choice and Curve Radius on Rural Roads

Niels Agerholm

Impact analysis of additional ambulance vehicle beacons

Andreas Leich