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New Delhi, India

Local organizer: Dinesh Mohan


Introduction – A short history of physical speed reduction measures in European urban areas

Nicole Muhlrad

Techniques of speed reduction—Danish experiences

Lárus Ágústsson

Sustainable safety in the Netherlands—a new approach

Govert Schermers
Pieter van Vliet

Research projects on the integration of road safety in urban management

Dominique Fleury
Joël Yerpez
Marie-Claude Montel
Thierry Brenac

Safety measures for pedestrians and cyclists at their interaction with cars on main roads in built-up areas

Mohsen Towliat

Automatic speed control—the Danish pilot project

Lárus Ágústsson

Correlation of road aesthetics and visual parameters for traffic safety improvements

Lidia Zakowska

Evaluation of traffic calming measures in Thessaloniki metropolitan area

Panos Papaioannou
Socrates Basbas
G. Mintsis
C. Taxiltaris

The National Pedestrian Project—advocating for the ‘forgotten road users’

M. L. Kokotailo

Measuring influences of speed reduction on subjective safety

Ralf Risser

Visual dynamic perception of the route and speeding through small 50km/h areas in France—another approach of ineffective police enforcement

Marie-Chantal Jayet

Traffic Calming measures to improve safety and mobility in Delhi

Geetam Tiwari

Traffic calming with new technology: accident savings and driver behaviour

Oliver Carsten
Samantha L. Comte
F. N. Tate