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Intelligent speed adaptation


Nagoya, Japan

Local organizer: Shunji Taniguchi


Overview of European and Japanese work on ISA

European research on ISA—where are we now and what remains to be done

Oliver M. J. Carsten

How can ISA be introduced in Japan? Research conditions, latent possibility of acceptance and supposed process of actualisation

Shunji Taniguchi

Field trials with ISA

Results from in-car observations in the large scale trial with active gas pedal in Lund, Sweden

Magnus Hjälmdahl

The effects of large scale use of active accelerator pedal in urban areas

Sverker Almqvist
Magda Draskóczy
Magnus Hjälmdahl
Christer Hydén

Weather-related ISA—experience from first studies

Harri Peltola

Soft car and safe traffic system: development of maximum speed indicator and speed limiter and social experiment

Yukio Oguri

Speed behaviour

Behaviour of car drivers on Austrian motorways on weekends

Clemens Kaufmann

What is the profit of driving fast? The comparison of the speedy driving and safe driving in terms of traveling time

Yuji Matsuki
Katsuya Matsunaga
Kazunori Shidoji

Management of Multiple Vehicles on ASSIST

Kazuaki Goshi
Yuji Matsuki
Katsuya Matsunaga
Keiichi Miyazaki
Kazunori Shodoji

The Netherlands’ Traffic & Transport Plan—road safety with a special focus to speed behaviour

Joop H. Kraay

Drivers’ reaction time associated with driving speed

Kazunori Shidoji


Investigating the relationship between drivers’ speed choice and their use of a voluntary ISA system

Samantha Jamson

Acceptance of ISA

Ralf Risser

Intersection and network management

Green light for ISA? The effect of Intelligent Speed Adaptation on the traffic flow

Geertje Hegeman

On the methods to improve driving manner to avoid collisions at intersections without traffic signals

Kazuaki Goshi
Kenji Maruyama
Yuji Matsuki
Katsuya Matsunaga
Kazunori Shodoji

ISA effect assessment: from driving behaviour to traffic flow

Jeroen Hogema
Henk Schuurman
Chris M.J. Tampère

Future plans and implementation

Setting up an ISA trial from a traffic safety perspective: methodology research in the Netherlands

Floortje Hanneman
Eric R. de Kievit