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Safe non-motorised traffic planning, evaluation, behavioural, legal & institutional issues

12–13 June 2003

Vancouver, Canada

Local organizers: Tarek Sayed, Paul de Leur, Annick Davies

The conference was organized in close co-operation with the Department of Civil Engineering, University of British Columbia.



Prevention of slipping accidents of pedestrians—informing the pedestrians about adverse road conditions

Virpo Anttila

Pedestrians are second class citizens

Ralf Risser
Doris Wunsch

A study into Pedestrian Safety Problem in Jordan

Lina Shbeeb
Jamil Mejahed

Engineering methods for designing safe pedestrians facilities

Virginia P. Sisiopiku

Interrelation of road environment and the pedestrians in urban areas: a safety oriented approach

Socrates Basbas
Pantelis Kopelias
Panos Papaioannou


Two pilot projects in the Italian plan for road safety to increase pedestrian safety

Paola Di Mascio
Maria Vittoria Corazza

Dutch enduring policies on non-motorised traffic

Joop H. Kraay
Willem Vermeulen

Dealing with non-motorised traffic in land use planning

Joop H. Kraay
Rob Methorst

Safety Conscious Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning

Kelvin Roberts

Community road safety planning

Mavis Johnson
Kelvin Roberts

How to make traffic calming more walking friendly—directions to increase intersections performances for pedestrians

Maria Vittoria Corazza
Paola Di Mascio

Arterial roads do not have to be big, ugly and difficult for non-motorists

Emeli Falk
Ralf Risser
Christer Hydén
Magda Draskóczy


Accommodating Cyclists on the Vancouver Island Highway (Victoria Approach)

Paul de Leur
Eduards Miska

The Effect of Bicycle Helmet Legislation on Nonfatal Bicycle Injuries in California

Brian Lee

Cyclist-Oriented Road Safety Audits—A Tool to Improve Safety when Planning and Evaluating Transportation Projects

Sarah Rocchi
Peggy Gibbs

Effects of Bicycle Lanes on Cyclist Safety and the Competitive Ability of Bicycles towards Cars in Urban Traffic

Annika Nilsson

Bicycles and Pedestrians Interactions on a Congested and Restricted Bridge Sidewalk

Frank Navin
Sarah Rocchi


The older road users’ accidents and their prevention

Jean-Pascal Assailly

Safety Impacts of Transportation Demand Management

Annick Davis
Tarek Sayed

Locations for collisions involving alcohol and drug impaired pedestrians in urban areas

Jean Wilson
Ming Fang
Dennis LeBrun

Review of In-Pavement Flashing Lights at Crosswalks

Mavis Johnson
Adrienne Mairs
John Pump

Safety measures at railway level crossings for pedestrians and bicyclists

Richard van der Horst
Paul Bakker

Alternative public transport in Austria

Clemens Kaufmann

Mobility Management as a transport safety strategy

Todd Litman