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Intersections—points of communication and points of risk. Innovative intersection design for safety and mobility

14–15 April 2008

Melbourne, Australia

Local organizer: Jeffery Archer

The conference was organized in close co-operation with the Monash University Accident Research Centre.


Intersection design and control

Design of junctions: a literature overview

Astrid Linder

Sidewalk ergonomics, opinions and behavioural intentions of adult pedestrians in the center of Campo Grande Brazil

Thays Aparecida Nunes Campozano

Effectiveness of an All-Red Signal Phase to Improve Pedestrian Safety during High-Alcohol Hours

Jeffery Archer

Intersection Design for Motorcyclists

Kenn Beer

Intersection Design for Older Drivers

Jennie Oxley

Intersection design and control

A Kinetic Energy Management Model for Innovative Intersection Design

Bruce Corben

Small roundabouts, humps or ISA to safe-guard pedestrians and other road users at intersections—or all?

Christer Hydén

Evaluation of intersections with help of driving behaviour observations

Ralf Risser

Operation of Vehicle / Transport Safety Systems for the Prevention of Traffic Accidents should be Restricted around the Ultimate Limit Criterion of Traffic Law and Hazards

Shunji Taniguchi

Findings on the Effectiveness of Intersection Treatments included in the Victorian Statewide Accident Black Spot Program

Nimmi Candappa

Intersection design and control

Compliant Behaviour and Safety Considerations of two-wheel drivers at Urban Intersections in Greece

Panos Papaioannou

Two case studies in Vienna, Austria

Doris Wunsch

Traffic safety on bicycle paths – results from a new large scale Danish study

Niels Agerholm

Intersection design and control

Exploring the causes of fatal accidents

Ehsan Mazloumi

An analysis to determine correlations of highway intersection traffic accidents with specific features in China

Jiangbi Hu

Study on intersections’ crash prediction model

Li Jiang

Analysis of accident patterns at selected intersections of an urban arterial

Sabreena Anowar

Modelling of Accidents for in-service review of Intersections of National Highways in Bangladesh

Sudipta Sarkar

Illusions may kill

Reinier Rozenstraten