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City traffic and ITS—commitment of authorities, companies and citizens

26–28 May 2011

Tokyo-Chiba, Japan


The conference was organized in close co-operation with the Chiba University of Commerce and Sugiyama Jogakuen University



Current Status of ITS in Japan and Advantages of Small, Low-speed Vehicles for ITS

Deirdre O’Reilly

General issues

The future of urban mobility in a world of scarce or expensive petrol: implications for technological andorganisational developments

Nicole Muhlrad

Expansion of modern road construction in Japan—specific analysis on the street planning of war-damage reconstruction

Masato Fujiga

Safety in the city

Cyclist’s accidents and infrastructure shortages

Mladen Gledec

City traffic users, behaviours and speed control

Abdel el Hairy

ITS and safe behaviour

Role of ITS to Control Uncontrollable Motivation and Error

Shunji Taniguchi

The use of IDSS. Empirical results from the EU-project INTERACTION

Ralf Risser

ITS and special groups

Fem-el-bike—electrobikes as an alternative everyday-transportation mode, especially for females

Christine Chaloupka-Risser

Cities for Children – a future based on ITS?

Lars Leden

Mobility of the sight impaired in public transport: Evidence from two consecutive research projects in Austria

Christian Vogelauer

Ageing drivers’ generations need ITS support

Karel Schmeidler

A public transportation system for narrow roads

Tastuo Minohara

ITS and speeds

Implementing 30km/h speed limit in residential area: A survey on the resident’s acceptance in Toyota city

Yasuhiro Mimura

How to Evaluate and Reduce Drivers Burdens due to ISA and the Possibility to Penetrate ISA

Kojiro Matsuo

Local Traffic Safety Campaign for Slowing Down Car Speed and Application of Scientific Researches to Address the Issues

Satoshi Nakashima

Soft Car System of Maximum Speed Control and Indication Eliminating Urban Disasters

Yukio Oguri