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Alcohol and drugs—effects on traffic safety, not least for pedestrians

4–5 April 2013

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Local organizer: Marion Sinclair

The conference was organized in close co-operation with the University of Stellenbosch



Pedestrians and alcohol, how to manage all the problems—an engineer’s view

Christer Hydén

Safe roads in South Africa!

Ashref Ismail

In-car technologies

The potential of new in-car technologies to increase the safety of vulnerable road users

Josef Krems
Tibor Petzoldt

Speed regulating systems and their potentials to avoid accidents

Ralf Risser


Dealing with Pedestrian Activity on Cape Town’s Freeways

Randall Cable

Don’t drink and walk (?)

Christine Chaloupka

Using theatre performance to educate young people about alcohol and road safety

Elna Van Niekerk

Pedestrian accidents in urban areas: a systems approach

Nicole Muhlrad

Involving communities in pedestrian safety education and initiatives

Melissa Groenewald

Road user conflict: Impaired drivers and pedestrians: in conflict with the law and one another: the Western Cape reality

David Frost

Combating Pedestrian Deaths through Evidence-based Interventions

Carmen West

Alcohol and society

The risks that alcohol poses to child health

Sebastian van As

Impaired drivers

Sustainable safety of transport users in relation to alcohol abuse in Poland

Lidia Zakowska

Edification and Road frame alteration as a panacea for traffic Safety. A case study of Zaria Metropolis in Northern Nigeria

Patrick Obi

Impaired driving in Central European Countries—State of the Art, Measures and Legal issue

Matus Sucha

SADD/SAB Responsible Drinking, and Drinking then Driving project

Charlotte Sullivan

Slovakia – new modern traffic psychology

Karol Kleinmann

Patterns of alcohol consumption and road user behaviour among youth in a Western Cape community

Marion Sinclair