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To host a conference…

Among ICTCT activities, conferences are the most important ones, and it is crucial that they are successful professionally and economically. Therefore, being a conference host is a lot of work and a great responsibility. On the other hand, it is a good opportunity for promoting you and your organisation in the research community, boosting creativity of your team through networking with the most prominent experts in the field and in some cases even making a direct impact on the local political agenda related to traffic safety.

Traditional ritual of handing-over the ICTCT flag to the next conference host (Lund, 2016)

Organisation of a conference takes place in tight co-operation with the ICTCT Steering Committee. Normally, the ICTCT would handle the scientific part (communication, website, call for submissions, abstract review, conference program, journal special issue) while the host handles the practical matters (venue, sponsors, travel information, registration fees) related to the conference.

The host has the ultimate financial responsibility for the conference.

That means that any funds remaining after a conference are kept by the host, but also that no shortages are covered by the ICTCT.

The ICTCT does not have any formal bidding procedure. After you declared the interest of being a host, you are put ‘in line’ and the Steering Committee will suggest a timeframe for when the conference can possibly take place (usually in 2–3 years time). Your proposal is presented and evaluated during a General Assembly meeting.

For more details, please contact the Steering Committee.

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