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Honorary Members

Honorary members are those who are nominated because of their earlier activity in or special services to the Association in order to give honour to them for their great efforts in ICTCT over the past years. Therefor we want to thank to the following honoray members (up to the present):


OPPE, Siem (The Netherlands) Oppe, Siem



DRASKÓCZY, Magda (Hungary)  DRASKÓCZY, Magda
KOSHI, Masaki (Japan)  Placeholder_male
KRAAY, Joop H. (The Netherlands) Placeholder_male



PAPP, Miklós (Hungary)OCTAV – R&D Co. Ltd. for Acoustics, Traffic Psych. and Computer Technics; Budapest Placeholder_male



HYDÉN, Christer (Sweden)DTS-LUND – Dept. of Technology and Society, Division of Traffic Engineering HYDÉN, Christer



ÅBERG, Lars (Sweden) ÂRBERG, Lars
HAKKERT, Alfred Shalom (Israel) HAKKERT, Alfred Shalom
HORST, Richard van der (The Netherlands)TNO – TNO, Human Factors HORST, Ricjard van der
ZAIDEL, David M. (Israel) Placeholder_male



Muhlrad, Nicole (France) Muhlrad, Nicole
Methorst, Rob (the Netherlands) Methorst, Rob