"Don't wait for accidents to happen"

HAKKERT, Alfred Shalom


Born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 1938
Since 1951 living in Israel, Israeli and Dutch national


• B.Sc in Industrial and Management Engineering, Technion, Israel (1964)
• Ph.D. in Civil Engineering(Road Safety), University College London (1968)
• Dr. Honoris Causa, University of Hasselt, (2008)

Professional activities

• Head of Transportation Research Institute, Technion , Israel Institute of Technology
• Head, Ran Naor Road Safety Foundation, 2006-2011
• Dept. of Civil Engineering, Canterbury University Christchurch, New Zealand , Visiting Professor, Research on road safety and teaching in road safety and traffic engineering,2006
• SWOV, Dutch Road Safety Research Institute, Research on road safety.2001
• Insurance Institute for Highway safety, Washington, DC, USA, Road safety research, 1989, 2001
• Involved in various EU Framework projects, including SafetyNet, Dacota,Prologue
• Consultant for various Israel government committees

Main areas of interest

• Road safety research, countermeasure evaluation, accident analysis, evaluation of traffic police enforcement
• Traffic engineering and traffic control
• ITS and its relation to road safety
• Conflict studies, near-misses and naturalistic driving studies


• Member of the Israel Institute of professional engineers


• Yannis G., Gitelman V., Papadimitriou E., Hakkert A.S., Winkelbaur M., “Testing a framework for the assessment of road safety measures”, Transport Reviews, Vol.28, no.3, pp 281-301, (2008)
• Toledo T., Albert G. and Hakkert S., A simulation-based evaluation of the
• impact of active speed limiters on traffic flow and safety, Accepted for Transportation Research Board Journal (2007)
• Wegman W., Johnston I., Kroj G., Paine R., Hakkert A.S., Lotan T., ” Peer review by an international experts advisory committee on road traffic safety research and education in Israel”, (in German), Zeitschrift fuer verkehrssicherheit, 2009
• Vis A.M., Gitelman V., Hakkert A.S., “Development of road safety performance indicators in the European Union”, submitted to the 2009 TRB Transportation Research Board Journal August 2009

Publications at ICTCT workshops

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