"Don't wait for accidents to happen"

OPPE, Siem


Born 1937 in Bodegraven, The Netherlands


  • Degree in psychology at State University, Leiden
    Main topic: Research methods for the social sciences
    Sub topic: Mathematics and philosophy of science

Professional activities

  • Senior researcher at SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, Leidschendam, The Netherlands (Retired)

Main areas of interest

Research areas:

  • research methods and (statistical) analysis for traffic safety
  • analysis of qualitative data
  • mathematical modelling in general and traffic behaviour in particular

Special topics:

  • analysis of traffic conflicts and other forms of traffic behaviour
  • in-depth investigation of traffic accidents and crash-worthiness ratings
  • macroscopic models and time-series models for traffic and traffic safety
  • quality of life

Recent publications

  • OPPE S. (ed.) 1993, Guidelines for Retrospective Safety Analysis. Internal HOPES report for DRIVE II-Project V2002 Horizontal Project for the Evaluation of Safety, SWOV, Leidschendam.
  • OPPE S. 1997, Models for traffic safety developments and interventions. Contribution to the Conference on Road infrastructure and road safety research (RISC’97), Brussels.
  • OPPE S. 1999, Contributions to: “Models for traffic and safety development and interventions”, Draft report of COST 329. European Commission, Directorate General for Transport, Brussels.
  • OPPE S. and DE CHARRO F. TH. 2001, The effect of medical care by a helicopter trauma team on the probability of survival and the quality of life of hospitalised victims. Accid. Anal. and Prev. 33, p. 129-138.

Publications at ICTCT workshops

1997. Lund
The determination of the total number of hospitalized victims by comparison of police and hospital reports. OPPE, Siem; POLAK, Peter
1993. Salzburg
Possibilities and limitations of accident analysis Click to download file! OPPE, Siem


The Netherlands
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E-mail: oppe@tiscali.nl