"Don't wait for accidents to happen"

BIANCHI, Alessandra


Publications at ICTCT workshops

2005. Campo Grande
Children injury prevention in traffic in Brazil BIANCHI, Alessandra
October 25 – 26. 2007. Valencia
Evaluation of support to children restraint equipments in Brazilian cars Click to see abstract! ABSTR
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BIANCHI, Alessandra
Perceptions of Brazilian younger about their possibilities to change the traffic Click to see abstract! ABSTR
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CUFFA, Marina; BIANCHI, Alessandra; THIELEN, Iara Picchioni
October 30 – 31. 2008. Riga
Old and young drivers: where are the differences? Hector Monterde-i-Bort, Eduardo Todt; BIANCHI, Alessandra
November 17 – 19. 2010. Den Hague
Pedestrians at risk! The Pedestrian Behaviour Questionnaire (PBQ) in a Brazilian Sample Click to download file! BIANCHI, Alessandra