"Don't wait for accidents to happen"

FACTUM OG Inst. for Social and Economical Analyses; Vienna



FACTUM is a SME founded in 1988 that focuses on traffic and mobility policies from the perspective of psychological and social sciences. The main objective is to develop and implement suitable instruments that make solid research, e.g. on human motives, viable. The targeted areas are approached under consideration of culture, lifestyle and life quality as those play a vital role.

The expertise of FACTUM lies in qualitative and heuristic methodology (round-table discussions, focus-group interviews, in depth and narrative interviews, workshops). FACTUM works mostly inter- and multidisciplinary, on both the national and international level.

With its studies, FACTUM makes a valuable contribution to the solutions for traffic and mobility issues, incorporating sustainability in the process.


Inst. for Social and Economical Analyses; Vienna
Hermann-Bahr-Stra├če 9/11
1210 Vienna
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