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ETIENNE, Virginie


Born in 1980 in France


Ph.D.: 2008 in Neurosciences – Neuropsychology, Thesis: “Executive dysfunctions and driving with early dementia. A driving Simulator Study”

Professional activities

Research Engineer at IFSTTAR – Department of Transport Health and Safety, Project Officer – International relations
Main areas of interest
Road Safety
Pedestrian Safety
Traffic Psychology

Publications (5 most recent)

• Etienne, V., Marin-Lamellet, C., & Laurent, B. (2013). Mental flexibility impairment in drivers with early Alzheimer’s disease: A simulator-based study. IATSS Research, 37(1), 16‑20.
• Devlin, A., McGillivray, J., Charlton, J., Lowdnes, G., & Etienne, V. (2012). Investigating Driving Behaviour of Older Drivers with Mild Cognitive Impairment using a Portable Driving Simulator. Accident Analysis and Prevention, vol 49, 300-307.
• Etienne, V., Marin-Lamellet, C., & Paire-Ficout, L. (2010). A Simulator-based study to investigate Executive functioning of Older Drivers at Left-Turn intersections. Transport Reasearch Board.
• Etienne, V. (2010). Les Fonctions Exécutives dans la Conduite Automobile. Etude sur Simulateur de Conduite dans le Vieillissement Normal et dans la Maladie d’Alzheimer. Sarrebruck: Editions Universitaires Européennes.
• Etienne, V., Marin-Lamellet, C., & Laurent, B. (2008). Evolution du contrôle exécutif au cours du vieillissement normal. Revue Neurologique, vol 164, 1010-1017.
Contact details


Department of Transport Health and Safety
25 Avenue François Mitterrand Case 24
69675 BRON cedex – France
E-mail: Virginie.etienne@ifsttar.fr