"Don't wait for accidents to happen"



Born 1957 in Munich, Germany


• Diplom-Psychologe, Dr. phil./PH.D.

Professional Activities

• Since 1991 owner of the private firm and research institute mensch-verkehr-umwelt (mvu), Institute for Applied Psychology. mvu aims at advancing the transfer of psychological knowledge, methods and expertise into practice. By an integrated view of man, technology and environment, innovative solutions in research, consulting and training are developed. Fields of application are road traffic and work sites.
• Main activities in road traffic are driving task analysis procedures, development of error counting methods and traffic conflicts methods for in-car observation, field studies on the safety effects of new in-vehicle devices, work on driver information needs, motives and determinants of mobility, traffic mode choice, man-environment-interaction, etc.
• A special focus is directed on so-called “problem groups” in road traffic: children, young and old traffic participants. Therefore in 2005 establishment of a “Working group: Age-adequate Mobility”.
• Since 2008 additonal task as Head of the Medico-Psychological-Technical Superior Examination Center (MPTO) at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.

Main Areas of Interest

• Road traffic safety
• Human Factors Engineering
• New in-vehicle devices
• Mobility and intermodality


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• Fastenmeier, W. & Gstalter, H. (2007). Driving task analysis as a tool in traffic research and practise. Safety Science, 45, 952-979.
• Fastenmeier, W. & Lehnig, U. (2007). A misuse taxonomy as a tool in children safety research. Paper presented ath the 5th International Conference “Protection of children in cars”, 6.-7.12.2007, München: TÜV Süd Akademie.

Publications at ICTCT workshops

1993. Salzburg
Applications of error data in traffic safety evaluation: a review on our recent field studies Click to download file! FASTENMEIER, Wolfgang; GSTALTER, Herbert
1991. Vienna
Driving tasks and new information technologies Click to download file! FASTENMEIER, Wolfgang; GSTALTER, Herbert
Safety impacts of in-car navigation systems Click to download file! FASTENMEIER, Wolfgang; GSTALTER, Herbert
October 25 – 26. 2007. Valencia
Applications of a New Tool in Driver Task Analysis (SAFE) Click to see abstract! ABSTR
Click to download file! Paper
Click to download file! Pres


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