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PETICA, Stefan


Born 1950 in Romania


  • 2003 – “DOKTOR DER PHILOSOPHIE”- (sociology) – University of Vienna (Austria)
  • 1989 – Post- Graduate Degree “Master” in Safety and Major technological Risk – Ecole Centrale de Paris.
  • 1977 – Post- Graduate Degree in Ergonomics and Organization – Academy of Social Sciences, Bucharest.
  • 1973 – Master’s degree in Psychology – University of Bucharest.

Professional activities / Main areas of interest

  • Senior Researcher- INRETS (French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research)- – Groupe d’Analyse du Risque routier et de sa Gouvernance (GARIG) since 1989

27 years as Researcher, mainly in the Human Sciences domains:

  • Staff management (recruiting, skills, training)
  • Ergonomics
  • Human factors analysis in accidental events of the nuclear power plants and industrial disasters
  • Safety and Risk Assessment
  • Human reliability
  • Psycho-Sociology in traffic safety
  • Impact & Safety aspects of ITS technologies
  • Psycho-Sociological model of Safety behaviors
  • User needs and social acceptability of traffic technologies implementation (change of behaviors, safety aspects, side effects, workload.)
  • Politics of Scientific co-operation with the Eastern countries
  • Risk assessment of hazardous goods transport
  • Behavior in hazardous situations, prevention of the internal conflict
  • Quality of Life in mobility & traffic planning
  • International surveys and workshops organization, etc.

International cooperation / Memberships

  • Member in the “Traffic Safety Group” of the PROMETHEUS PRO-GEN (1990-1994);
  • Expert in – Task Force “Ergonomics and Safety”- in TCT – CEMT (European
  • Conference of Ministers of Transport) 2 years;
  • Founder member of EUROPSY -T (European Association of Psychology applied to
  • Transportation), General Secretary(3 years)
  • Member of “New York Academy of Science”, U.S.A. (since 1997)
  • Leader of WP3&WP4 in SAVE-consortium (4 PCRD) with the research projects on :- “User needs and public acceptance” & “Impact on Traffic Safety”.
  • Leader of WP 3 in HOTEL project consortium (5 PCRD)- (2 years)

Recent publications

  • PETICA S.: “Safety Implications of In-Vehicle Devices-Risk Assessment of In-Car Radiotelephone use” Second world Congress in ITS, Yokohama, Japan, 1995.
  • PETICA S., BEKIARIS E. (Ed) et al.: “Driver needs and public acceptance of emergency control aids”. Deliverable n° 3.1, SAVE, Commission of the European Communities – R&D Program Telematics Systems in the Area of Transport, 302p August 1996.
  • BEKIARIS A, PETICA S.: “Impact of SAVE system to Traffic Safety” Del.4.1, SAVE, Commission of the European Communities, 190 p. Dec.1998
  • PETICA S., RISSER R.: “Prospective safety Assessment of Drivers and Vehicle Monitoring Systems – Towards a Societal Acceptability”, ITS Congress, Toronto, Nov.1999
  • PETICA S.: “User’s acceptance and Societal Acceptability -Safety implication of in-vehicle devices”, in Traffic Psychology Today, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston/London/Massachusetts, 2001
  • PETICA S. “Safety Impact and Social Acceptability of In – Vehicle Traffic Technologies – Artifacts and Incidences of “Monitoring” Systems Development.” -Thesis in Sociology Vienna University (Austria), 517 pg.2003

Publications at ICTCT workshops

1990. Krakow
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