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PhD. Associated Professor. Transport Research Centre Brno, Czech Republic


  • MA in Architecture and Town Planning at Technical University Brno, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zurich, Switzerland
  • PhD in Architecture at TU Brno, Czech Republic
  • MA in Sociology at Charles University Prague and Brno Masaryk-UJEP University
  • PhD in Urban Sociology at Masaryk University Brno
  • Postgraduate studies in UNI and UNEP Dresden, Germany, AMBERTON SHAW Glasgow, UK, LISI St. Petersburg, Russia and DTH Lyngby, Denmark

Professional activities

  • Associated Professor of Urban Design, Faculty of Architecture, Technical University Brno,
  • Visiting Professor, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, University of Central England Birmingham, UK

International cooperation

  • National Representative in AESOP Organisation (Association of European Schools of Planning 1994-2001),
  • National Representative in AKTION (a common project in the field of science and education funded by the Austrian and Czech governments 1996-2001)
  • Member of ICTCT – International Co-operation on Theories and Concepts in Traffic Safety (2001-)


  • Member of the National council for housing (2002-)
  • Member of the Institute of Architects, Member of the Association for Urban Planning and Urban Design in the Czech Republic, Member of the Masaryk Czech Sociological Society

Recent publications

  • SCHMEIDLER, K.: Urban Structure and the present-day mobility requirements, proceedings STELLA workshop in Brussels, page11-21 sborníku STELLA, Brussels, 2004
  • SCHMEIDLER, K.: Acceptance Of Czech Drivers Towards ADAS, conference centre of excellence HUMANIST, Lisbon, Portugal, section F, Design Guidelines, Use Acceptance and Impact of ITS, June 2004, sborník na internet
  • SCHMEIDLER, K.: Urban Form and Structure of Czech Cities and Growing Mobility, conference Winds of Societal Change: Remaking Post communist Cities, Ralph and Ruth Fischer Forum, sborník University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA, strana 281-294 sborníku, June 2004
  • SCHMEIDLER, K.: ASI PROJECT – Asses Implementation in the frame of the Cities of Tomorrow, congress AESOP, Metropolitan Planning and Environmental Issues, Sustainable cities and Transport, Grenoble, Université Pierre Mendes, France, 1.- 4. July 2004,
  • SCHMEIDLER, K.: Two Paradigms – Urban Design and Urban Planning, Alfa Spectra – Planning Studies, Central European Journal of Architecture and Planning FA STU, Centre of Excellence, Bratislava, Slovakia, No 1, 2004
  • SCHMEIDLER, K.: Mobility management, 7. Mezinárodní konference a výstava: Dopravní technologie k udržitelnému rozvoji, pořádá Technologické centrum Akademie věd ČR a ministerstvo životního prostředí ČR, hotel Thermal, Karlovy Vary, 15.-17. 9. 2004, strana 45-51 sborníku
  • SCHMEIDLER, K.: Sustainable Urban Form and Structure of Czech Cities, The 6-th International conference „Traffic Safety Management for Big Cities“, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, September 14-15, 2004,
  • SCHMEIDLER, K., HANZLIKOVA I.: Roles, Effects and Acceptance of Advanced Assistance Systems. 3rd Conference: On Safe Roads in the XXI. Century, World Road Association, ERTICO a MAUT V Congress Park Hotel Flamengo, Budapest, Hungary,
  • SCHMEIDLER, K.: Behaviour and Attitudes related to ADAS, 17th International ICTCT Workshop: Cost – effective solutions for improving road safety in rural areas. Integrating the 4Es: education, enforcement, engineering and electronics. University of Tartu, Archimedes Foundation, Tartu, Estonia
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  • SCHMEIDLER, K.: Growing mobility and Land Use in the Czech Republic, Vědecká conference university Namur, Belgium: Changing behaviour towards a more sustainable transport system, WATCH COST Action 355, December 1st- 3rd 2004
  • SCHMEIDLER K., HANZLÍKOVÁ I., WEINBERGER J.: Zlyhanie ludského činitela v cestnej doprave, HORIZONTY DOPRAVY No. 4, strana 20-23, 2004, Zilina, Slovakia

Publications at ICTCT workshops

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