"Don't wait for accidents to happen"

VAA, Truls


Born 1950


  • 1974 Bachelor Degree in mathematics, sociology and psychology. University of Oslo.
  • 1982 Master Degree (cand. psychol.) in 1982. University of Oslo, Norway.

Professional activities

  • 1982-84 Research Scholar, Institute of Preventive Medicine, University of Oslo.
  • 1985 Consultant, Institute for Studies of Research and Higher Education, The Norwegian Council for Science and the Humanities
  • Senior Research Engineer, A.S. VERITAS Research.
  • 1988-1996 Research Officer, Institute of Transport Economics, Oslo.
  • 1997- 2003 Chief Research Officer, Institute of Transport Economics, Oslo.
  • 2003 – present: Research Officer, Institute of Transport Economics, Oslo

Main areas of interest

  • Traffic safety research, effects of raod safety measures
  • Triver behaviour models, campaigns, police enforcement, medical conditions and traffic safety, ADHD, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), meta-analysis

Recent publications

  • Elvik, R., Vaa, T. (2004): The Handbook of Road Safety Measures. Oxford, Elsevier.
  • Vaa, T (2003): Impairments, diseases, age and their relative risks of accident involvement: Results from meta-analysis. Deliverable R1.1 of EU-project IMMORTAL. Oslo, Institute of Transport Economics, TØI report no 690/2003.
  • Vaa, T. (2001): Driver behaviour models and monitoring of risk: Damasio and the role of emotions. Proceedings from VTI-conference “Traffic Safety on Three Continents” Moscow 19th –21st September 2001.
  • Vaa, T (2000): A comment on the definition of aggression and aggressive driving behaviour. Proceedings of the Conference ‘Road Safety on three Continents’ Pretoria, South Africa, 20-22. September 2000.
  • Vaa, T (1997): Increased police enforcement: Effects on speed. Accid Anal and Prev., Vol 29, No 3, pp 373 – 385, 1997.
  • Vaa, T, Ragnøy, A & Sætermo, I-A (1996): Two experiments with a mobile roadside speedometer in Vestfold county, Norway: The effects upon speed. Proceedings of the Conference «Road Safety in Europe and Strategic Highway research Program (SHRP), Prague, the Czech Republic, September 20-22, 1995. Linköping, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), 1996. (VTI-konferens No 4A, Part 3, pp 151-165).
  • Keller H, Lejeune P, Oude Egberink H, Vaa T & Versteege, J (1991):An Approach to a European Proforma for In-Depth Accident Investigations. Paper presented at the DRIVE Conference in Brussels, February 4-6, 1991. Printed in: Advanced Telematics in Road Transport. Proceedings of the DRIVE Conference, Brussels, February 4-6, 1991. Edited by the Commission of the European Communities. Elsevier, 1991, Volume II, pp 892-907 (ISBN: 0 444 89043 2).

Publications at ICTCT workshops

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