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Born 1980 in Kristianstad, Sweden


PhD in Engineering (traffic planning) at the Department of Technology and Society, Lund Institute of Technology, Lund University, Sweden in 2009. Dissertation title: Walking in old age – A year-round perspective on accessibility in the outdoor environment and effects of measures taken. Supervisors: Prof. Agneta Ståhl and Prof. Christer Hydén.

Master of Science in Civil Engineering at Lund Institute of Technology, Lund University, Sweden in 2003.

Professional activities

Expert on mobility, safety and accessibility issues for vulnerable road users, especially for older people as pedestrians and people with disabilities. The doctoral thesis, conducted at Lund University in 2004-2009, dealt with improvements of older peoples’ mobility and perceived safety as pedestrians by designing accessible outdoor environments in a year-round perspective.

Employed at the consultant company Trivector Traffic AB in Lund since 2010 and there responsible for the business area “Traffic safety and security”.

Involved in several European and national research projects and assignments on walking and cycling as well as on traffic safety, accessibility and sustainable transport in general, for example:

• In the EU project ISEMOA, Hanna and colleagues were responsible for the development of the prototype version of quality management schemes for improving the work with access for all in European municipalities, cities, and regions. Education of auditors as well as implementation of ISEMOA audits was done in Sweden (and in other European countries) and is still ongoing after the EU project itself is finished. (www.isemoa.eu)

• For the Swedish Transport Administration, she was recently involved in the development of a Swedish guidance document for the planning and design of walkable cities.

• The Traffic Safety Audit used in Sweden for evaluating and improving the traffic safety work in municipalities was originally developed by Trivector, and Hanna is now responsible for further development and refinements of the audit based on new national targets and indicators on traffic safety, ISO39001, and a new Swedish handbook for local traffic safety programmes.

• Various traffic safety analysis and investigations, e.g. regarding the discrepancy between objective and perceived safety for older pedestrians, traffic safety issues connected to the increased use of e-bikes and pedelecs, recommendations for the traffic safety of mopeds etc.

Experienced in mixed-method research, i.e. applying quantitative and qualitative research methods such as questionnaires, interviews / group interviews, and participant observations. Also experience from interdisciplinary research since the PhD studies were conducted within CASE (Centre for Ageing and Supportive Environments) at Lund University.

Gives frequently presentations for researchers, practitioners and students. During her position as PhD student, also lectured in the graduate education at Lund University. She has also written a chapter on perceived safety in the course book on traffic planning used in the graduate education.

Main areas of interest

• Vulnerable road users
• Objective and subjective safety
• Accessibility for all
• People with reduced mobility, e.g. older people, people with functional limitations and children
• Single accidents (falls) in the traffic environment
• Interactions between vulnerable road users
• Walkability / Planning and design of cities with priority of VRUs
• Pedestrian winter accessibility / Year-round perspective on traffic safety and access for all
• Quality management, ISO39001, traffic safety audits


• Swedish Association of Transportation Planners (Trafiktekniska föreningen)
• FK Trampen, a local sports club for competitive cycling

Publications (5 most recent)

Johansson C, Sakshaug L, Wennberg H, Nilsson A (2013). Vägledning för gångplanering – så skapas det gångvänliga samhället. Trafikverket Publikation 2013:057. Borlänge, Sverige, Swedish Transport Authorities. [in Swedish]

Wennberg H (2011). Trygga och säkra gångmiljöer för äldre fotgängare – Jämförelse av upplevelser och objektiv säkerhetssituation. Trivector Rapport 2011:27. Lund, Sverige: Trivector Traffic AB. [in Swedish]

Wennberg H, Hydén C, Ståhl A (2010). Barrier-free outdoor environments: Older peoples’ perceptions before and after implementation of legislative directives. Transport policy, 17(6):464-474.

Wennberg H, Ståhl A, Hydén C (2009). Older pedestrians’ perceptions of the outdoor environment in a year-round perspective. European Journal of Ageing, 6:277-290.

Wennberg, H (2009). Walking in old age: A year-round perspective on accessibility in the outdoor environment and effects of measures taken. Doctoral thesis, Bulletin 247. Lund, Sweden: Lund University, Lund Institute of Technology, Department of Technology and Society. ISBN 978-91-628-7925-9.

Wennberg H, Ståhl A, Hydén C (2009). Implementing accessibility in municipal planning – Planners’ view. Journal of Transport and Land-use, 2:3-21.

Contact details

+46 10 456 56 08

Publications at ICTCT workshops

October 24 – 25. 2013. Maribor
An interdisciplinary approach on the safe mobility for older pedestrians – does perceived safety comply with objective safety? Click to download file! Presentation WENNBERG, Hanna


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