"Don't wait for accidents to happen"



Born in Ystad, Sweden, 1958                                                                                                            Ase


• Docent in Traffic Engineering, 2010
• PhD in Traffic Engineering, 1998. Thesis title: “A method for analysing the traffic process in a safety perspective”
• MSc Civil Engineering, 1982

Professional activities

• Senior Researcher/Lecturer alt. Assistant professor at Department of Technology and Society, Traffic & Roads, Lund University, Sweden

Main areas of interest

• Traffic Safety, Traffic Conflicts Techniques
• Automated Video Analyses, Road User Behaviour Analyses
• Planning for Cycling and Walking, Road Users’ Estimates of Traffic-related Factors


• Member of ICTCT Steering Committee, Member of the Steering Committee for the International Conference on Road Safety and Simulation (RSS), Swedish representative in NVF Traffic Safety Committee, Scientific Paper Reviewer for AA&P and ITS Congresses.
• Wahl, C., Svensson, Å., Hydén, C. (2011) The link between traffic-related occurrence and annoyance. IATSS Research. (In press)
• Wahl, C., Svensson, Å., Hydén, C. (2010) Effects of minor phrasing variations in traffic-related questionnaires – Comparison of objective equivalences and respondents’ subjective statements. Transportation Research Part F: Psychology and Behaviour 13(5), pp. 315-328.
• Laureshyn, A., Svensson, Å., Hydén, C. (2010) Evaluation of traffic safety based on micro-level behavioural data: Theoretical framework and first implementation. Accident Analysis & Prevention 42 (2010) 1637–1646. Elsevier
• Sakshaug, L., Laureshyn, A., Svensson, Å., Hydén, C. (2010) Cyclists in roundabouts – different design solutions. Accident Analysis and Prevention 42 (2010) 1338–1351. Elsevier
• Laureshyn, A., Ardö, H., Svensson, Å., Jonsson, T. (2009) Application of automated video analysis for behavioural studies: concept and experience. IET Intelligent Transport Systems., 2009, Vol. 3, Iss. 3, pp. 345–357.

Publications at ICTCT workshops

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