PAPP, Irén


Born 1944 in Budapest, Hungary


  • 1964-1969 studied psychology and pedagogics in Budapest
  • degree in industrial psychology

Professional activities

  • 1970-1991 traffic safety research at the Institute for Transport Sciences in Budapest, with focus on road user behaviour and safety policies
  • since 1991 senior researcher by OCTAV MAIN AREA OF INTEREST
  • member of EUROPSYT


  • PAPP I. 1995, Analysis of the accidents of elderly pedestrians and recommendations to reduce their accident risk (in Hungarian). Közlekedéstudommányi Szemle 1995/11
  • PAPP I. 1996, Causes of children's road traffic accidents and possible ways to prevent them (in Hungarian). Research report, commissioned by KTI, 1995.0 Background factors of speeding behaviour and recommendations to be used in preventive propaganda (in Hungarian). Városi Közlekedés, 1996/3
  • Author of numerous research reports and articles

Publications at ICTCT workshops

2000. Corfu
Behaviour study and questionnaire survey on driver aggression Click to download file!
PAPP, Irén; PAPP, Miklós
1999. Kaiserslautern
Psychological, social and situational factors influencing the speed choice and seat belt usage of drivers Click to download file!
Click to download file! NEW
PAPP, Irén; PAPP, Miklós
1997. Lund
Children's understanding of other road users' behaviour. OGAWA, Kazuhisa; PAPP, Irén
Traffic experience and problems of elderly pedestrians in urban traffic. PAPP, Irén; PAPP, Miklós
1995. Paris
Observation of elderly pedestrians on signalized crossings and of jaywalkers in the vicinity of pedestrian subways Click to download file!
HOLLÓ, Péter; PAPP, Irén; SISKA, Tamás


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