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Seasonal Greetings 2021

Dear ICTCT-friends,

It will take some time before historians will put 2020 in its right perspective, but just calling this year remarkable feels like a massive understatement. Let’s focus at this moment on the hopeful things ahead. Hope that mankind can demonstrate soon its ability to successfully combat the coronavirus. Hope also that this struggle to some extent might lead to a renewed societal attention for road safety as one of the still biggest—but surmountable—threats to lives of so many citizens worldwide.

Meeting people from all over the world is part of the DNA for an association like ICTCT. That’s what we have been missing in 2020. The past year has taught us that information technology offers unprecedented possibilities to meet each other virtually without necessitating long, expensive and polluting travelling. But 2020 also taught us how much we all need to meet and see people not just behind computer screens.

Thumbs up for 2021!

On behalf of ICTCT Steering Committee,

Stijn Daniels

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