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Seasonal Greetings 2023

Dear ICTCT-friends,

2022 is drawing to a close. Last October, we had our annual conference in Gyor, Hungary. It was the first physically held conference in three years and thus a great relief to see so many members of the ICTCT community together again. We benefitted from an excellent local organization by Attila Borsos and his team. Gyor and its surroundings—including the medieval Archabbey of Pannonhalma—turned out to be a hidden gem in Central Europe in the Danube Plain between Vienna and Budapest.

We also look back to three webinars with leading scientists in the traffic safety domain. This year, our valued guest lecturers were David Shinar, Rune Elvik and Arend Schwab.

At this time of Christmas and end-of-year festivities, it is time to enjoy warm moments with family and friends.

In 2023, we will be there again. With webinars featuring renowned speakers. With an extra conference in Winneba, Ghana, in June and an annual conference in Catania, Sicily, in October to look forward to. With a researcher’s courses related to both conferences. With many contacts and exchanges of ideas. And with a strong belief in the power of science to understand and to address difficult societal challenges, including road safety problems.

With warm wishes
and on behalf of the entire Steering Committee,

Stijn Daniels
ICTCT President

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