Don't wait for accidents to happen

Nordic Traffic Safety Academy

Annual seminar 2013

Theories and research methods in Road Traffic Safety Science

13–14 May 2013

Aalborg, Denmark

Local organisers: Harry Lahrmann

The seminar was held in close co-operation with Aalborg University.


Vision Zero and Safe System Approach for Iceland?

Haraldur Sigthorsson

Methodological problems in developing accident modification functions

Rune Elvik

ISA – a promising technology for better traffic safety, which was never implemented on a large scale

Harry Lahrmann

Traffic Safety and Energy Efficiency of Future Street Lighting

Ghazwan Al-Haji

Single-pedestrian fall injuries during wintertime – Development of a standard for shoes and safety equipment

Glenn Berggård

High cyclist share and markedly traffic safety improvements – what are the reasons for these improvements and how do we identify and document them?

Jens Christian Overgaard Madsen
Niels Agerholm

Latent class clustering of cyclist-motorist crash patterns in Denmark

Sigal Kaplan
Carlo Giacomo Prato

Safety of Longer Combination Vehicles (LCVs)

Jesper Sandin

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