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Nordic Traffic Safety Academy

Annual seminar 2014

Theories and research methods in Road Traffic Safety Science

6-7 May 2014

Oslo, Norway

Local organisers: Michael Wøhlk Jæger Sørensen, Aslak Fyhri, Torkel Bjørnskau

The seminar was held in close co-operation with the Institute of Transport Economics (TØI).


Towards a general theory of the relationship between exposure and risk

Rune Elvik

Motorcycles entering from access points and merging with traffic on primary roads in Malaysia

Muhammad Marizwan bin Abdul Manan

Is it reliable that speed-calming solutions as ISA can reach the drivers, who needed it most?

Niels Agerholm

Comparison of severity assessments based on Czech and Swedish traffic conflict techniques

Jiří Ambros
Aliaksei Laureshyn

The effects of speed cameras and section control on crashes – a meta-analysis

Alena Høye

Safety in Numbers

Aslak Fyhri
Torkel Bjørnskau

Assessing vulnerable road user needs in view of emerging ITS technologies

Daniel Bell

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