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Nordic Traffic Safety Academy

Annual seminar 2018

Theories and research methods in Road Traffic Safety Science

5-6 May 2015

Espoo, Finland

Local organiser(s): Anne Silla

The seminar was held in close co-operation with the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.


On site Observation of Driver`s and Pedestrian`s Interaction at Zebra Crossings in Urban

Matus Sucha

Assessing the impacts of a reindeer warning service

Elina Aittoniemi
Pirkko Rämä

Safety impact assessment method for cooperative systems

Satu Innamaa
Pirkko Rämä

Do Intelligent Transport Systems have potential to improve the safety of vulnerable road users?

Anne Silla
Pirkko Rämä
Lars Leden
Johan Scholliers
Juha Luoma

Road safety monitoring tools in Poland

Joanna Żukowska

Under‐Reported Accidents

Katrine Rabjerg Meltofte

Testing of ‘application‐based’ goodness‐of‐fit measure of crash prediction model

Jiří Ambros
Harri Peltola

Comparison of in-depth accident analysis data from three European countries using the Driving Reliability and Error Analysis Method

Markus Mattsson
Lars Leden

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