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Nordic Traffic Safety Academy

Annual seminar 2016

Theories and research methods in Road Traffic Safety Science

10-11 May 2016

Norrköping, Sweden

Local organisers: Ghazwan Al-Haji, Kenneth Asp

The seminar was held in close co-operation with the Linköping University.


Application of accident prediction and blackspot management methods at intersections: case study from Norrköping city in Sweden

Adeyemi Adedokun

What drives speed on rural roads? Exploratory study using floating car data

Jiří Ambros
Ondřej Gogolín

The current status in road traffic conflict studies: a systematic literature review

Tim De Ceunynck
Carl Johnsson
Aliaksei Laureshyn
Stijn Daniels
Åse Svensson

Tail lamps as a countermeasure for rear end collisions

Lars Kristian Lowzow
Eirin Olaussen Ryeng

Heavy vehicles and bicycles in urban areas – how to identify infrastructure related risk factors?

Petr Pokorny

Drivers’ adaptation to onboard driver assistance systems

Matus Sucha
Martin Nevrela

Older pedestrian’s traffic safety – subjective factors and empiric evidence

Daniel Bell

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