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Nordic Traffic Safety Academy

Annual seminar 2021

Theories and research methods in Road Traffic Safety Science

photo by Chris Montgomery

3-4 May 2021

Zoom meeting


Fay Patterson
University of Adelaide

Fay Patterson an Australian traffic engineer who has specialised in walking and cycling for over 20 years. Now retired, she is well known and respected in Adelaide for her experience and skills in planning and designing for cyclists.

Fay has recently been awarded a PhD from the University of Adelaide with the provocative title, “The Adverse Effects of Paradigm and Pragmatism on Road Safety”.

Fay has been awarded an Excellence Award and the Janet Brash Memorial Prize by the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management for her work in transport planning for pedestrians and cyclists, while her research has informed national and NSW technical design guidance.

Harry Lahrmann
Aalborg University

Harry Lahrmann is Research Director for the Traffic Research Group at Aalborg University. He is educated from the Technical University of Copenhagen, Department of Roads, Traffic and Town Planning (1978) and since 1987 he has been employed at Aalborg University. His key research areas are transport planning and traffic engineering – with focus on traffic safety and intelligent transport systems.

With his colleagues, Harry has authored over 200 scientific conference papers, articles and books within these areas.


Safety trends in EU Member States: is there a learning pattern across nations?

Attila Borsos
Szechenyi Istvan University (Hungary)

Pedestrian walking behavior on different surface conditions during winter

Magne Fossum
NTNU (Norway)

Accidents and Dangerous Situations between Pedestrians and Cyclists

Mesimäki Johannes
VTT (Finland)

Computer Vision and Machine Learning for Road User Tracking

Martin Ahrnbom
Lund University (Sweden)

A computational methodology for automatic road exposure estimation using a YOLO convolutional neural network

Juan Guillermo Acosta Sequeda
Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Colombia)

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