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Nordic Traffic Safety Academy

Annual seminar 2022

Theories and research methods in Road Traffic Safety Science

2-3 May 2022

Luleå, Sweden

Local organisers: Glenn Berggård, Charlotta Johansson

The seminar was held in close co-operation with the Luleå University of Technology.


Mapping module for self-reporting of traffic accidents

Harry Lahrmann

Re-thinking road safety measures in the light of Vision Zero

Aliaksei Laureshyn

Mixed logit models to investigate bicycle crash contributory factors

Antonella Scarano

Impact of Finnish driving licensing reform in 2018 on crashes: methodological considerations

Esko Lehtonen

A statistical and engineering analysis of cyclist collisions in Ireland

Kevin Gildea

A comparison between convenience and random samples in studying drivers’ respect for road traffic signs

Eirin Olaussen Ryeng

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