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Up till now the safe mobility of pedestrians is a neglected area of research. The General Assembly of the International Co-operation on Theories and Concepts on Traffic Safety (ICTCT) decided that it was high time to change that. A Work plan for a study on Pedestrians’ Quality Needs was developed and discussed. At the 29 October 2005 General Assembly there proved to be overwhelming support to carry out such a study. Several members indicated that they wanted to participate. The purpose of this call is to encourage you to indicate what kind of commitment you or your organisation can offer for this exciting international study.

It is agreed that the following ‘products’ will be made:

  1. working plans for the four work packages
  2. interim reports, to be presented at the ICTCT workshop in October 2006
  3. draft – final reports of the work packages, to be presented at the ICTCT workshop in October 2007
  4. a handbook on Pedestrians’ Quality Needs, edited by Rob Methorst and Rune Elvik
  5. one or more PhD theses on the subject.


In principle there are three variant routes for the execution of the work plan:

  1. Low budget: To do the study without substantial external funding (the participants take care of their own costs). In this option the study will focus on literature research and hitch hiking on ongoing research projects. The scope of the study will be more or less limited to summarizing current knowledge.
  2. COST-like solution: Obtain a relatively small budget (something in the order of € 25,000) for travel and meeting expenses and facilitating the execution of limited dedicated studies to fill some gaps in knowledge. In this option contributions of less some participant that otherwise will not be able to contribute can also be facilitated.
  3. Adequate budget: Obtain a substantial budget for the project, for instance from the European Commission, to finance a more extensive study in which knowledge can be extended. In this case the partners will probably be (sub-)contractors for specific parts of the project. One has to bear in mind however that most the times for EC projects the contractor has to find 50% counter financing at the national level.


The ambition is to go for the last option, but as yet we cannot exclude the lower budget variant routes. For the low budget option we already have fair support:

  • ICTCT has reserved € 2,000.—for the project
  • Some organisations expressed their commitment in terms of workforce they can make available (see attachment on provisional promises)
  • The co-ordination of the project is assured: AVV Transport Research Centre made it possible for me to do that job within the context of a PhD study on the subject.
  • Integration with task setting of PhD-posts at Lund Institute of Technology is probably an option.


Of course, success in obtaining funding depends largely on the quality of the arguments. It appears that the traffic safety knowledge related arguments and the quality of the work plan are substantial, but that is not yet decisive. It is just as important to show that the project will be supported by a large group of experts and well known organisations. Furthermore, the value of the project results for countries within the European Community with a relatively large or rising share of traffic casualties amongst pedestrians seems to be an even more compelling argument. We are fortunate to have very competent potential participants in emerging countries like Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, where such an unwanted trend is seen.

The first step now is to assure that there is sufficient commitment to make the project a success. For this we can use all the quality help we can get. Therefore we ask you to indicate, preferably on the attached form (Commitment Form.doc, where you can also find a list of partners who are willing to participate in the project) and before December 1, 2005, what commitment you can offer regarding the three routes (low budget, COST-like solution, Adequate funding). If the period of time is not sufficient, please contact me.

Key questions regarding your commitment are:

  • what expertise or speciality can you put in?
  • in which Work Package(s) do you want to participate? How?
  • how many persons and/or person hours can you provide? Under what terms or conditions?
  • do you have special suggestions, comments, wishes, demands regarding the Work plan, Work packages or the organisation?
Poster Pedestrians  piktogramm_pdf PosterPedestrians
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