"Don't wait for accidents to happen"

12. Kaiserslautern – Germany



Speed Control
principles, methods, measures

Organisers: TDUK; HUPFER, Christoph

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Speed: Management, measuring, measures

Road User Behaviour Studies – an effective tool for evaluation of traffic safety measures Click to download file! JOHANNESSEN, Stein
Psychological, social and situational factors influencing the speed choice and seat belt usage of drivers Click to download file!
Click to download file! NEW
PAPP, Irén; PAPP, Miklós
Collective Speed Control on German Motorways Click to download file! BOLTE, Fritz
Impact of RDS-TMC receiver use on speed and other driver behaviour Click to download file! KULMALA, Risto; LUOMA, Juha; NYGARD, Magnus
The Use of Video Technology for Velocity Measurements – a simple method Click to download file! BERGER, Wolfgang J.; MAURER, Peter
Speeding Odometer Display (SOD) – a different way for controlling speeding Click to download file! ZAIDEL, David M.

Effects of speed reducing measures and effects of reduced speeds: Expectations, results

Towards a safe environment for children – a starting point Click to download file! GÅRDER, Per; JOHANSSON, Charlotta; LEDEN, Lars Gunnar; NILSSON, Kristin; WILHELMSON, Ola
Basic Idea of Maximum Speed Control System in Japan Click to download file! TANIGUCHI, Shunji
The effects of 30km speed limits in urban areas Click to download file! EKMAN, Lars

ISA: International cooperation on the topic and large scale experiment in Sweden

Intelligent Speed Adaption ISA: A new perspective Click to download file! HOGEMA, Jeroen; HORST, Richard van der
Effects, acceptance and implications of ISA – results from research in Lund Click to download file! VÁRHELYI, András
In-depth interviews with drivers experienced in driving speed limited cars Click to download file! RISSER, Ralf
Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) Evaluation of psychological aspects of a large scale project Click to download file! ÅBERG, Lars
Evaluation program for the Lund Intelligent Speed Adaptation (LISA) project Click to download file! HJÄLMDAHL, Magnus

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