"Don't wait for accidents to happen"

13. Corfu – Greece



Evaluation, validation, implementation
of measures to improve transport safety

Organisers: PAPAIOANNOU, Panos

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Developing a Systematic Framework for Proactive Road Safety Planning Click to download file! LEUR, Paul de; SAYED, Tarek
Traffic safety at railroad level crossings Click to download file! PAJUNEN, Kirsi
Traffic safety policy implementation through highway code changes Click to download file! BASBAS, Socrates; KOKKALIS, A.; PAPAIOANNOU, Panos


The potential of accident analysis systems for the evaluation of road safety measures in Europe Click to download file! FRANTZESKAKIS, John M.; HANDANOS, John; YANNIS, George
Measures to improve transport safety as well as sustainibility – Two case studies Click to download file! SCHMIDT, Günter A.; SCHMIDT, Lilo (Lieselotte)
Background and principles of the Finnish safety evaluation tool, TARVA Click to download file! PELTOLA, Harri
Effectiveness evaluation results of road safety measures world-wide Click to download file! KANELLAIDIS, George; KARADIMAS, Chris; TZIOTIS, Michael; YANNIS, George
Traffic management measures in Greek urban areas. Evaluation of their implementation in safety trough a quantitative and qualitative perspective. Click to download file! GEORGIOU, George; PITSIAVA-LATINOPOULOU, Magda
The importance of confounding in observational before-and-after studies of road safety measures Click to download file! ELVIK, Rune
Transport Safety – economic aspects Click to download file! FISCHER, Peter


Evaluation study of a 4-year police enforcement intensification programme in the Netherlands. Click to download file! ESSEN, Meine van; GOLDENBELD, Charles; HEIDSTRA, Jelle
International comparison of the executive activities for the traffic safety Click to download file! MACOUN, Thomas
Evaluating Enforcement – Methodological Guidelines (not presented verbally) Click to download file! FISCHER, Peter


Safety Evaluation of Pedestrianisation in Medium-Size Towns – The DUMAS EU Project Click to download file! FRANTZESKAKIS, John M.; PITSIAVA-LATINOPOULOU, Magda
Recommended actions for the development of safe pedestrian and bicycle-friendly communities Click to download file! PAPAIOANNOU, Panos; SISIOPIKU, Virginia P.
Effectiveness of a pedestrian measure in an arterial street in Thessaloniki, Greece: First results Click to download file! KOPELIAS, Pantelis; PAPAIOANNOU, Panos; VASILIADOU, Joanna
The New Approach to Urban Planning, Traffic Network and Street Design Click to download file! WRAMBORG, Per
A prospective approach to road safety: Implications for research MUHLRAD, Nicole
Improved road traffic environment for better child saftey in Nigeria (not presented verbally) Click to download file! ODELEYE, Joshua Adetunji


Motivation to participate in a large scale ISA-project Click to download file! ÅBERG, Lars
Workload-study of ISA-drivers – a method description Click to download file! HJÄLMDAHL, Magnus
Developing the potential of micro-simulation modelling for traffic safety assessment Click to download file! ARCHER, Jeffrey
A combined brake-accelerator pedal and its evaluation Click to download file! NILSSON, Rickard
Total Speeding Management (TSM) – a different way for Controlling Speeding Click to download file! ZAIDEL, David M.


Speed behaviour in France : Distribution structures and changes over the period 1986-1998 Click to download file! BIECHELER-FRETEL, Marie-Berte; PEYTAVIN, Jean-Francois
The establishment of a pan-European education education database as a means to understand driver errors and improve driver safety Click to download file! (Presented by Mary Panou); BEKIARIS, Evangelos; CODA, A.
Behaviour study and questionnaire survey on driver aggression Click to download file! PAPP, Irén; PAPP, Miklós
Evaluation of road safety education and novice driver safety measures in Great Britain Click to download file! MCMAHON, Kate; O`REILLY, Deirdre Mary
Investigating driver attitudes and behaviours on highways Click to download file! KANELLAIDIS, George; KARLAFTIS, Matthew; LOUCA, Georgia


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