"Don't wait for accidents to happen"

14. Caserta – Italy



Road user characteristics with emphasis on lifestyles, quality of life and safety

Organisers: SIPSiVi; SIMONOVA, Zuzana; prof. SARDI, Pierangelo



Investigating driver attitudes and behaviour on highways Click to download file! KANELLAIDIS, George; KARLAFTIS, Matthew; LOUCA, Georgia
Implications of cellular telephony to traffic safety Click to download file! SISIOPIKU, Virginia P.
Cognition and emotion in driver behaviour models: some critical viewpoints Click to download file! VAA, Truls
Perception and recognition of traffic signs in relation to drivers characteristics and safety – a case study in poland Click to download file! ZAKOWSKA, Lidia


Walking, communikation and practice – attitdudes and motivations Click to download file! FORWARD, Sonja
Improved road traffic environment for better child safety in nigeria Click to download file! ODELEYE, Joshua Adetunji
Safety and quality in urban areas: strategies, tools and techniques to promote pedestrian mobility Click to download file! CORAZZA, Maria Vittoria; MARTINCIGH, Lucia
Towards a method to study child pedestrian safety and mobility – short term effects from a case study in borås, sweden Click to download file! JOHANSSON, Charlotta; LEDEN, Lars Gunnar
Addressing lifestyles of lower income groups as contributing factors to high incidence of pedestrian fatalities on south african roads Click to download file! VUUREN, Fires (P.E.J.) van


Towards keeping elderly safe and for longer behind the steering wheel Click to download file! BEKIARIS, Evangelos
How can urban rehabilitation design meet the elderly pedestrian requirements? a comparison between research and practice Click to download file! CORAZZA, Maria Vittoria; MARTINCIGH, Lucia
Baby-boomers as future older road users: preliminary findings Click to download file! ANUND, Anna; HAKAMIES-BLOMQVIST, Liisa; HENRIKSSON, Per; SÖRENSEN, Gunilla
An initial approach to the problems of mobility, autonomy and driving attitudes in people over 65 years of age in spain Click to download file! MONTERDE I BORT, Hector


Young people, drinking habits, transportation and peer relations. a questionnaire study Click to download file! ÅBERG, Lars; HAGLUND, Mats
How to address 15/16 years old youth with respect to traffic safety Click to download file! CHALOUPKA, Christine
Kids in circulations – Ragazzi in circolazione Click to download file! IZZI, Laura; SARDI, Gianmarco; SUMMO, Barbara


Research-intervention on the constant use of the seatbelt by the municipal police officers. Click to download file! LUCIA, Lisa; SARDI, Gianmarco; SUMMO, Barbara
Road user characteristics – the stress and strains of professional drivers Click to download file! WUNSCH, Doris


The impact of urban traffic on the urban living conditions of the czech towns and cities Click to download file! GREGORCIK, Jiri; KOPACIK, Gabriel; PAZOUREK, Karel; SCHMEIDLER, Karel
Lifesyle defense mechanisms and dangerous road use Click to download file! CARDANI, I.; DONZELLI, R.; FULGHESU, G.; SARDI, Oreste; TUMMINO, V.
‘Multi-use’ highways: the poggio moiano case study Click to download file! CORAZZA, Maria Vittoria; MARTINCIGH, Lucia; URBANI, Luca
Aesthetics and safety in traffic environments Click to download file! DROTTENBORG, Helena


Assessing the validity of road safety evaluation studies by analysing causal chains Click to download file! ELVIK, Rune
Preparation of the national traffic safety programme in finland 2001-2005 Click to download file! KULMALA, Risto
The involvement of the public in the design process of short-term traffic management measures Click to download file! BASBAS, Socrates; PAPAIOANNOU, Panos; TAXILTARIS, C.

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