"Don't wait for accidents to happen"

4. Vienna – Austria


Click to download file! Proceeding – scanned version


Christer HYDÉN’s speech helt at the VOLVO SAFETY AWARD price ceremony at Aalborg, 1991

Some personal thoughts about risk and safety in traffic Click to download file! DRASKÓCZY, Magda
Recognition of driving situations and road legibility Click to download file! FLEURY, Dominique
Driving tasks and new information technologies Click to download file! FASTENMEIER, Wolfgang; GSTALTER, Herbert
Reasons for risk Click to download file! RISSER, Ralf
Safety impacts of in-car navigation systems Click to download file! FASTENMEIER, Wolfgang; GSTALTER, Herbert
Risk in the hungarian road network (the violators are victims, too) Click to download file! SZTRAKA, Judith K.
In-depth analysis of interactions between drivers and the road environment contribution of on-board observations and stjbseqijent verbal reports Click to download file! SAAD, Farida
Malfunction of communication and bad traffic climate – a source of social conflicts leading to traffic conflicts Click to download file! CHALOUPKA, Christine
Risk perception in drivers with different driving licences Click to download file! ROTTER, Tadeusz; WONTORCZYK, Antoni
Subjective safety as a basis for the user behaviour in road traffic and public transport Click to download file! ERKE, Heiner
Analysis of pedestrian-cyclists-interactions experiences with an investigation in vienna Click to download file! SCHMIDT, Lilo (Lieselotte)
Examples for application of trafic conflict techniqe for analysis of black spots Click to download file! ZUZAN, Wolf Dietrich
Bicyclists safety at junctions Click to download file! BEILINSON, Leif; KULMALA, Risto
Effects of road characteristics on speed Click to download file! HORST, Richard van der; TENKINK, Erik
Accidents in developing countries: requirements for identifying problem and solving them MUHLRAD, Nicole
Accident information system in an indian city:case study delhi RAJESH, Thomas
Evaluating the risk of skidding from conflict studies CHIN, Hoong-Chor


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