"Don't wait for accidents to happen"

16. Amersfoort/Soesterberg – The Netherlands


Improving safety by linking research with safety policies and management models for analysis, implementation of measures and solutions, and evaluation

Organisers: TNO & AVV; HORST, Richard van der; KRAAY, Joop




Improving Traffic Safety – also a Matter of Local Governments Click to download file! BERGER, Wolfgang J.
Decision making on road safety in Regional Traffic and Transport Plans Click to download file! BAX, Charlotte
The Successful Application of Road Safety Research to Improve the Sea to Sky Highway in British Columbia Canada LEUR, Paul de; SAYED, Tarek
Enhancing effective management of functional areas in road safety Click to download file! VUUREN, Fires (P.E.J.) van
Evaluation of traffic management measures in accident reduction under mixed traffic Click to download file! ROBERT, Vivian; VEERARAGAVAN, A.
Safety management and research in railways – Examples from Canada to New Zealand PAJUNEN, Kirsi
The role of researchers in Finnish safety management Click to download file! Pres PELTOLA, Harri
Improving road safety in the Czech Republic Click to download file! SCHMEIDLER, Karel
The role of safety in the development of the ITS strategy for the public sector Click to download file! KULMALA, Risto
Developing a policy framework for Vulnerable Road Users Click to download file! METHORST, Rob


Automatic detection of vehicle interactions in a signalised intersection Click to download file! GRUMBACH, Alain; MIDENET, Sophie; SAUNIER, Nicolas
Road accidents analysis at neighborhood level STEENBERGHEN, Thérèse; WIJNANT, Jo
Road accident positioning using the GPS and GIS tools – Estonian pilot project ANTOV, Dago
The first glimpse at An Integrated Approach of Accident Analysis ROOK, Arno M.


Car owners experience with ICC/ACC systems TWUIJVER, Mireille van
Lane Departure Warning Assistant (LDWA) Field Operational Test KORSE, M. J.; SCHERMERS, Govert
Intelligent Speed Adaptation: models for actor analysis and an example of multi attribute assessment Click to download file! KIEVIT, Eric R. de
Different stake holders’ attitudes to ISA Click to download file! FALK, Emeli
Increasing Road-Safety by The Use of Telematics – described on the Austrian project “RONCALLI” MAURER, Peter
Who needs ISA anyway? Click to download file! HJÄLMDAHL, Magnus
ISA-UK: addressing research questions on intelligent speed adaptation CARSTEN, Oliver M. J.
Driving with adaptive cruise control in the real world Click to download file! JAGTMAN, H. M.; WIERSMA, E.


Evaluation of education – An example from motor cyclists Click to download file! STENE, T. M.
Driving under the influence of alcohol Click to download file! INTVELD, R.
Attitudes, norms and intelligent speed adaptation (ISA). Results from a large-scale field study ÅBERG, Lars
The ‘Driver Behaviour Questionnaire’ in the Netherlands VERSCHUUR, William L. G.
The young drivers and heavy accidents GLEDEC, Mladen
Road safety development index (RSDI) Click to download file! AL HAJI, Ghazwan

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