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IV. Campo Grande – Brazil (extra workshop)



Measures to assess risk in traffic as reflected by individual test performance, in attitude measurement and by behaviour and interaction

Organisers: UCDB; prof. ROZESTRATEN, Reinier J. A.


Keynote Speeches

Brasilian National Traffic Policy: Challenges and Perspectives PIRES, Ailton Brasiliense
Traffic accident risks in developing countries: superseding biased approaches Click to download file! VASCONCELLOS, Eduardo
Medical costs of motor vehicle casualties in São Paulo – Brazil GREVE, Julia

Safety assessment

What are we allowed to ask, what can we know – traffic psychological analysis of driver behaviour Click to download file! CHALOUPKA, Christine
Testing attention in traffic situations Click to download file! CAMPOZANO, Thays Aparecida Nunes; ROZESTRATEN, Reinier Johannes Antonius
Social representation of drivers in traffic Click to download file! PEREIRA, Maria Solange Felix
Proposal for the foundation of a Brazilian inter-disciplinary traffic and transport research center – CIBRAPTT Click to download file! ROZESTRATEN, Reinier Johannes Antonius
Traffic Conflict Technique – A useful tool for safety assessment in traffic ALMQVIST, Sverker
Psychotherapy in Group, Cognitive Behavioral Approach: Use of specific techniques for the year of driving Click to download file! VILELA, Marta Vieira
Hazard labels of dangerous products: are they passing the risk message? Click to download file! MONT’ALVÃO, Cláudia; PETTENDORFER, Melina

Risky behaviour and risky groups

Other drivers’ behaviour and speed violations ÅBERG, Lars
Individual variable of errors and violations of Brazilian drivers MONTEIRO, Claudia Aline
Are overtaking manoeuvres involving high driver risk in Jordan? Click to download file! HAMAMDEH, Sami; SHBEEB, Lina
Risk perception and speeding Click to download file! THIELEN, Iara Picchioni
Study of the relationship between drivers’ skill and safety level, anger, and commitment of violations and errors, and his/her possible involvement in traffic accidents MACÊDO, Gislene Maia de
Social context as determinant of boys accidents in road traffic in Belém Citybrazil Click to download file! ASSIS ROCHA, João Bosco de
Risk homeostasis theory and traffic education requirements Click to download file! WILDE, Gerald J.S.
Sleep, habits, quality of life and accidents in truck drivers of Brazil and Portugal Click to download file! PAIVA, Teresa; REIMÃO, Rubens; SOUZA, José Carlos
Road safety in southeast Asia factors affecting motorcycle safety Click to download file! AL HAJI, Ghazwan; LINDSKOG, Per
Analysis of the relationship between the metropolitan socio-spatial structure and traffic accidents victims Click to download file! ALCANTARA MENEZES, Ricardo de; MAGALHÃES, Leonardo Rodrigues Lagoeiro de

Safety strategies I

Children injury prevention in traffic in Brazil BIANCHI, Alessandra
Road Safety Audit – A Brazilian Experience FILHO, Adauto Martinez
The perceptions of the traffic police as to their role within the traffic system – case study for Ilha do Governador, Rio de Janeiro Click to download file! CAMARGO BRAGA, Marilita Gnecco De; MOLLICA, Maria Cecília; PISTILLI, José Carlos Teixeira

Safety strategies II

Should the Chilean Government Establish Restrictions for Young Drivers? FRESARD, Francisco
Implementing road safety audits in brazil Click to download file! BEZERRA, Barbara Stolte; RODRIGUES, José Luiz Fuzaro
Preventing avoidable traffic accidents by integrating sustainable safety plans SCHERMERS, Govert
Safety school islands FACTORI, Edilson

Infrastructure and planning

Reconstruction and maintenance consequences in traffic safety of secondary highways FELEX, José Bernardes
Highway intersections in Brazil: past, present and future FORTES, Fábio Quintela
The land use and the potential traffic risk Click to download file! PENHA PEREIRA NOBRE, Maria da
Perception gaps between experts and drivers on roadway safety conditions Click to download file! DIÓGENES, Mara Chagas; LINDAU, Luis Antonio; NODARI, Christine Tessele
Evaluating the safety risk of geometric design using reliability analysis SAYED, Tarek
London Borough of Merton Kerbskills Programme CÂMARA, Paulo

Poster exhibition

Stress in traffic VILELA, Marta Vieira
Does urban violence influence the road user’s behaviour related to traffic safety? Click to download file! BEZERRA, Barbara Stolte; FERRAZ, Antônio Clóvis Coca Pinto; MANTOVANI, Vivian
Moral development and speeding Click to download file! POLLI, Gislei Mocelin; THIELEN, Iara Picchioni
The use of the car as an extension of the house and traffic conflicts Your car – Your house Click to download file! CORASSA, Neuza
The imagery and the use of the bicycle: A survey among residents of Taguatinga, federal District of Brasília DELABRIDA, Zenith Nara Costa
Conspicuity, Environment and Beauty on traffic signs – The relation between these aspects
Thoughts about trespassing laws and rules under psychoanalytical approach AMARAL, Valquiria Pucu Wollmann do
Transversal traffic education Click to download file! ROZESTRATEN, Reinier Johannes Antonius
Collective traffic and individual behaviour: using metaphor to link subjectivity and society THIELEN, Iara Picchioni
Speeding: the law and the drivers Click to download file! THIELEN, Iara Picchioni
Application of Road Safety Audits to Urban Streets KHABIRI, Mohammed Mahdi
Road safety audit for school areas Click to download file! BEZERRA, Barbara Stolte
Conflict between transportation safety and environmental concern Click to download file! KHABIRI, Mohammed Mahdi; ZIARI, Hasan

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