"Don't wait for accidents to happen"

III. Vancouver – Canada (extra workshop)


Safe non-motorised traffic planning, evaluation, behavioural, legal & institutional issues

Organisers: UBC; TAREK, Sajed; LEUR, Paul de




Prevention of slipping accidents of pedestrians – informing the pedestrians about adverse road conditions Click to download file! ANTTILA, Virpi
Pedestrians are second class road users Click to download file! RISSER, Ralf
A study into Pedestrian Safety Problem in Jordan Click to download file! MEJAHED, Jamil; SHBEEB, Lina
Engineering methods for designing safe pedestrians facilities Click to download file! SISIOPIKU, Virginia P.
Interrelation of road environment and the pedestrians in urban areas: a safety oriented approach BASBAS, Socrates; KOPELIAS, Pantelis; PAPAIOANNOU, Panos


Two pilot projects in the Italian plan for road safety to increase pedestrian safety Click to download file! CORAZZA, Maria Vittoria; MASCIO, Paola Di
Dutch enduring policies on non-motorised traffic Click to download file! KRAAY, Joop H.; VERMEULEN, Willem
Dealing with non-motorised traffic in land use planning KRAAY, Joop H.; METHORST, Rob
Safety Conscious Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Click to download file! ROBERTS, Kelvin
Community road safety planning JOHNSON, Mavis; ROBERTS, Kelvin
How to make traffic calming more walking friendly: Directions to increase intersections performances for pedestrians Click to download file! CORAZZA, Maria Vittoria; MASCIO, Paola Di
Arterial roads do not have to be big, ugly and difficult for non-motorists Click to download file! DRASKÓCZY, Magda; FALK, Emeli; HYDÉN, Christer; RISSER, Ralf


Accommodating Cyclists on the Vancouver Island Highway (Victoria Approach) LEUR, Paul de; MISKA, Eduards
The Effect of Bicycle Helmet Legislation on Nonfatal Bicycle Injuries in California Click to download file! LEE, Brian
Cyclist-Oriented Road Safety Audits – A Tool to Improve Safety when Planning and Evaluating Transportation Projects Click to download file! Pres GIBBS, Peggy; ROCCHI, Sarah
Effects of Bicycle Lanes on Cyclist Safety and the Competitive Ability of Bicycles towards Cars in Urban Traffic NILSSON, Annika
Bicycles and Pedestrians Interactions on a Congested and Restricted Bridge Sidewalk NAVIN, Frank; ROCCHI, Sarah


The older road users’ accidents and their prevention Click to download file! ASSAILLY, Jean-Pascal
Safety Impacts of Transportation Demand Management DAVIS, Annick; SAYED, Tarek
Locations for collisions involving alcohol and drug impaired pedestrians in urban areas Click to download file! FANG, Ming; LEBRUN, Dennis; WILSON, Jean
Review of In-Pavement Flashing Lights at Crosswalks JOHNSON, Mavis; MAIRS, Adrienne; PUMP, John
Safety measures at railway level crossings for pedestrians and bicyclists Click to download file! BAKKER, Paul; HORST, Richard van der
Alternative public transport in Austria Click to download file! KAUFMANN, Clemens
Mobility Management as a transport safety strategy Click to download file! LITMAN, Todd Alexander

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