"Don't wait for accidents to happen"


1. Entry fee

  • At the moment there is no entry fee for ICTCT membership.

2. Membership fees

  • The membership fees are as follows, according to the World Bank Categories (in Euro per year):
    Cat. A Cat. B Cat. C Cat. D
    Individual member 130,- 65,- 35,- 17,5,-
    Member organisation 590,- 295,- 150,- 75,-

    Student-members pay 50 % of the corresponding amounts; honorary members pay nothing as membership fee.

  • The Steering Committee can decide on membership fees for individual cases.
  • A newcomer has the right to pay the next year membership fee on the spot of a regular workshop, while (s)he can enjoy a reduction also on this year’s registration fee according to the point 3.

3. Favours/Reductions at ICTCT events

  • ‘Active’ and ‘honorary’ members and participants from member organisations receive reductions for registration fees of events. Reductions for registration fees are decided by the Steering Committee and the organisers of the event.

4. Rules for invitation to ICTCT events

  • Members will be invited in writing, preferably by e-mail.

5. Delegation

  • Each member organisation appoints an accountable representative.
  • If there are more than three persons from a member organisation present at the ICTCT General Assembly, the three delegates having the voting rights have to be indicated in advance by the accountable representative, if possible, or by the persons who are present from the member organisation.

6. Rules for Voting

  • At a (regular or extra) General Assembly members decide by open vote. The chairperson of the General Assembly however can order a secret vote. Each (‘active’ and ‘honorary’) member/delegate has one vote.
  • Every three years an election for functionaries in the Steering Committee is held. In between extraordinary election can be held. The elections are initiated and supported by the Steering Committee.
  • The Steering Committee will invite at least three members for the Election Committee.
  • At least three months in advance of the election, the members of the Election Committee will choose a chairperson amongst themselves.
  • The Election Committee will contact all members to collect names of candidates for the different functions of the Steering Committee.
  • The election will be organised within the framework of the General Assembly, after the reports of the resigning functionaries and before any decisions on future activities.
  • The Steering Committee will be elected by secret voting. The Election Committee will ensure circumstances for a valid secret election.
  • The chairperson of the Election Committee will present the result of the collection of candidate’s names and will organise the election.
  • Members of the old Steering Committee are automatically candidates, unless (s)he asks not to be candidate. Also, on the spot of the General Assembly any ‘active’ or ‘honorary’ member can be suggested to be a candidate for one or more functions.
  • The chairperson of the Election Committee will accept every suggestion that will satisfy the given terms.
  • The order of the election is: president, vice president, secretary, vice secretary, cashier, vice cashier. The name of the member elected for a particular function will be deleted from the list of candidates for other functions.
  • In case of equality of the number of votes, the voting will be repeated. In case of a second equality, lot will decide between them.
  • If there is only one candidate for a function, voting will be omitted.
  • If a functionary resigns, extraordinary elections for a new functionary can be simplified. A chairperson of election must be designated before the General Assembly by the Steering Committee. So the three months preparation and a full Election Committee are not needed, but a secret voting will be necessary.
  • An extraordinary election for only some of the members of the Steering Committee will not affect the designated date of a general election three years after the regular election of the Steering Committee. However, at an extraordinary election the General Assembly can decide to vote for the whole Steering Committee. Then the next general election will take place three years from that moment.

7. Court of Arbitration

  • Within 14 days of a request for arbitration a Court of Arbitration will be formed.
  • Each of the disputing parties appoints two ICTCT members as judges. The Steering Committee appoints a fifth member.
  • Any ICTCT ‘active-‘ or ‘honorary’ member that has taken part of at least two ICTCT events can be appointed to the Court of Arbitration.