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Special session at ICTTP 2020 conference

The dates of the International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology (ICTTP) in Gothenburg, Sweden are moved to to 23-25 August 2022.

All accepted submissions remained accepted without any further reviewing.

The key focus of this conference is the role that traffic and transport psychology can play in achieving a safe and sustainable transport system.

ICTCT organises a special session entitled…

Vulnerable road users and sustainability: a multidisciplinary approach

Many say that it is necessary to change mode choice in order to achieve improvements concerning sustainable transport systems. To make it real, hundreds of millions of citizens need to change their daily behaviour—a shift from individual car use to more sustainable traffic modes, such as walking or cycling. We need to introduce a coherent set of measures which will influence the behaviour choices in a wished-for way. A multidisciplinary, holistic approach is needed: from the side of social sciences, especially psychology (measures focused on perception, motivation and behaviour, as well as assessments of communication efforts), engineering sciences (infrastructure measures, urban design) and public health sciences (health issues connected with mode choice).

We call for submissions in which practical research results related to vulnerable road users are achieved through successful inter-disciplinary co-operation.

Session organisers on behalf of ICTCT:

Matúš Šucha (Czech Republic)
Ralf Risser (Austria)
Aliaksei Laureshyn (Sweden)

Submission process

The authors are invited to submit abstracts (up to 350 words) through the ICTTP regular submission system. ICTTP guidelines regarding abstract size, contents, use of references, etc. are to be followed. While submitting, choose topic ‘Special sessions‘ and sub-topic ‘Vulnerable road users and sustainability (ICTCT)‘.

The (extended) deadline for abstract submission is 2 February 2020.

We kindly ask you to inform Matúš Šucha by regular mail in case you are planning to make or have made a submission to the special session. This will help us to have up-to-date information on the number of submissions and take timely actions if necessary.

The decision on acceptance/rejection will be made by end of February 2020. Note that ICTCT is not invovled in the decision process which is entirely handled by independent conference reviewers.

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