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Surrogate Measures of Safety

The sub-committee on Surrogate Measures of Safety pursuits the original topic of interest for which ICTCT was once created. The core idea of surrogate measures is that through observation and gradation of non-accident events in traffic it is possible to retrieve safety-relevant information that can be a substitute or a complement to accident records.

The activities of the sub-committee incude:

  • Collection of up-to-date knowledge on SMoS;
  • Collection and sharing of publications on surrogate measures, particularly the older ones that are still higly relevant but are hard to find;
  • Organisation of networking opportunities for the researchers in the field of SMoS;
  • Organisation of a special session on surrogate measures at ICTCT Conference;
  • Collection and sharing of educational materials as well as information on the available courses and training opportunities;
  • Sharing of the information about software tools for making SMoS studies;
  • Sharing of the information about other initiatives and project related to surrogate measures of safety.