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32 Warsaw, Poland

08.11.2018 • SAVE the DATE   Conference: 24/25 October 2019 Traffic safety researcher course: 22/23 October 2019 General Assembly: 26 October 2019 Futher information will follow&... read more

31 Porto – Portugal

Information about publishing in the special issue of the Journal of Safety Research For the 2018 Porto conference there will be the posibility to publish your paper at a ... read more

XI ICTCT extra Workshop, Vancouver, Canada

XI ICTCT extra Workshop, Vancouver, Canada

8th – 9th March 2018 “Improving the safety of vulnerable road users” – Challenges and Opportunities Organisers: Tarek Sayed, Alex Bigazzi and Paul de Leur ... read more

30 Olomouc – Czech Republic

30 Olomouc – Czech Republic

26th – 27th October 2017 Traffic safety and the City– How to enhance traffic safety and liveability in urban areas? Organisers: Matus Sucha The workshop was organise... read more

29 Lund – Sweden

29 Lund – Sweden

20th – 21st October 2016 How to assess traffic safety? – Adapting methods to future challenges  Organisers: Åse Svensson, Aliaksei Laureshyn The workshop was ... read more

X. ICTCT Extra Workshop Beijing, China

X. ICTCT Extra Workshop Beijing, China

26th – 37th April 2016 Cycling and planning for cyclists Organisers: Jiang Bi HU The workshop was organised in co-operation with the the Beijing University of Technolo... read more

28 Ashdod – Israel

28 Ashdod – Israel

29th – 30th October 2015 How to assess safety problems, especially those of vulnerable road users  Organisers: Wafa Elias The workshop was organised in co-operation w... read more

27 Karlsruhe – Germany

27 Karlsruhe – Germany

16th – 17th October 2014 Empirical data collection in the field – from hard core traffic conflicts till qualitative data collection Organisers: Christoph Hupfer, Robe... read more

Workshop Test

Test Text... read more

IX Ribeirão Preto – Brazil

IX Ribeirão Preto – Brazil

2014   Risks and risk taking and how they are related to road safety? Organisers: Raquel Almqvist The workshop is organised in co-operation with: Faculty of Engineer... read more

Past ICTCT Extra workshop

Past ICTCT Extra workshop

19.08.2014 • We are happy to announce that the 9th ICTCT Extra Workshop will be held in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil on April 24th – 25th 2014. The topic will be Risks and risk taking an... read more

VIII Stellenbosch (extra workshop) – South Africa

VIII Stellenbosch (extra workshop) – South Africa

18.08.2014 • 2012   Alcohol and drugs – Effects on traffic safety, not least for pedestrians Organisers: Marion Sinclair – University of Stellenbosch   Key note ... read more

26 Maribor – Slovenia

26 Maribor – Slovenia

2013   Sustainable and safe road design from a human behaviour point of view – Challenges for interdisciplinary work in road safety Organisers: University of M... read more

25 Hasselt – Belgium

25 Hasselt – Belgium

2012   Road safety in a globalised and more sustainable world – current issues and future challenges Organisers: Hasselt University   Key note session Cha... read more

VII. Tokyo-Chiba – Japan

VII. Tokyo-Chiba – Japan

2011   Extraordinary Workshop on “City Traffic and ITS: Commitment of Authorities, Companies and Citizens” Organisers: Chiba University of Commerce and S... read more

24 Warsaw – Poland

24 Warsaw – Poland

2011   Traffic safety management – Tackling the problems in urban areas and at other hot spots Organisers: Instytut Transportu Samochodowego – Ilona Butl... read more

23. Den Hague – The Netherlands

2010 Getting communities back on their feet Organisers: Rob Methorst   Paper breakout ARE SUSTAINABLE NEIGHBOURHOODS “WALKABLE” NEIGHBOURHOODS ? Anne Fau... read more

22. Leeds – United Kingdom

2009 Towards and beyond the 2010 road safety targets – identifying the stubborn issues and their solutions Organisers: Institute for Transport Studies; University o... read more

VI Melbourne – Australia (extra workshop)

2008 Intersections: Points of communication and points of risk Innovative intersection design for safety and mobility Organisers: Monash University, Jeff Archer   Pr... read more

21. Riga – Latvia

2008   Engineering solutions to improve traffic safety in urban areas – Addressing technical, social and behavioural aspects Organisers: Riga Technical Univers... read more

V. Beijing – China (extra workshop)

2007   Road user behaviour with a special focus on vulnerable road users Technical, social and psychological aspects Organisers: Transportation Research Center, Beij... read more

20. Valencia – Spain

2007   Towards future traffic safety – Tendencies in Traffic Safety Research based on 20 years of experience Organisers: Universitat de València – PRU, Hect... read more

V. Pretoria – South Africa (extra workshop – cancelled)

2007    ... read more

19. Minsk – Belarus

2006 National traffic safety programs: concepts and practice – Technical, behavioural and organisational aspects   NATIONAL AND REGIONAL TRAFFIC SAFETY PROGRAM... read more

18. Helsinki – Finland

2005 Transport Telematics and Safety, technical, social and psychological aspects Organisers: VTT; KULMALA, Risto and PAJUNEN, Kirsi Pictures of the workshop List of part... read more

IV. Campo Grande – Brazil (extra workshop)

2005   Measures to assess risk in traffic as reflected by individual test performance, in attitude measurement and by behaviour and interaction Organisers: UCDB; pro... read more

17. Tartu – Estonia

2004   Cost-effective solution for improving road safety in rural areas Integrating the 4 Es: education, enforcement, engineering and electronics Organisers: STRATUM... read more

16. Amersfoort/Soesterberg – The Netherlands

2003 Improving safety by linking research with safety policies and management models for analysis, implementation of measures and solutions, and evaluation Organisers: TN... read more

III. Vancouver – Canada (extra workshop)

2003 Safe non-motorised traffic planning, evaluation, behavioural, legal & institutional issues Organisers: UBC; TAREK, Sajed; LEUR, Paul de     PEDESTRIANS... read more

15. Brno – Czech Republic

2002   Speed management strategies and implementation planning, evaluation, behavioural, legal & institutional issues Organisers: CDV; SCHMEIDLER, Karel   K... read more

II. Nagoya – Japan (extra workshop)

2002   Workshop on intelligent speed adaptation Organisers: TANIGUCHI, Shunji   Overview of European and Japanese Work on ISA European Research on ISA: Where Ar... read more

14. Caserta – Italy

2001   Road user characteristics with emphasis on lifestyles, quality of life and safety Organisers: SIPSiVi; SIMONOVA, Zuzana; prof. SARDI, Pierangelo   SESSIO... read more

13. Corfu – Greece

2000   Evaluation, validation, implementation of measures to improve transport safety Organisers: PAPAIOANNOU, Panos Pictures of the workshop   TRAFFIC SAFETY M... read more

I. New Delhi – India (extra workshop)

2000   No special title Organisers: prof. MOHAN, Dinesh   Introduction – A short history of physical speed reduction measures in European urban areas MUHL... read more

12. Kaiserslautern – Germany

1999   Speed Control principles, methods, measures Organisers: TDUK; HUPFER, Christoph Pictures of the workshop   Speed: Management, measuring, measures Road Us... read more

11. Budapest – Hungary

1998 No special title Organisers: DRASKÓCZY, Magda  Proceeding Pictures of the workshop   Human factors and Road design Raised traffic islands at city limits ̵... read more

10. Lund – Sweden

1997   New approaches Organisers: LIT DTS; SVENSSON, Äse; HYDÉN, Christer Pictures of the workshop   SESSION 1 Context model of risk. WONTORCZYK, Antoni Drive... read more

9. Zagreb – Croatia

1996 East and West Organisers: GLEDEC, Mladen   Croatian penal system law on the road traffic safety DIVIC, Ante; PARNIC, Branko; STANKO, Ivan Behavior of the driver... read more

8. Paris – France

1995 Organisers: INRETS; MUHLRAD, Nicole  Proceeding   Observation of elderly pedestrians on signalized crossings and of jaywalkers in the vicinity of pedestrian su... read more

7. Prague – Czech Republic

1994    Proceeding – scanned version... read more

6. Salzburg – Austria

1993   Part 1 A sustainable network of traffic safety researchers MOHLIN, Hans Theories on traffic safety evaluation connected to new road transport informatics (rti... read more

5. Helsinki – Finland / Tallinn – Estonia

1992... read more

4. Vienna – Austria

1991  Proceeding – scanned version   Christer HYDÉN’s speech helt at the VOLVO SAFETY AWARD price ceremony at Aalborg, 1991 Some personal thoughts abou... read more

3. Krakow – Poland

1990 The papers as pdf-files. Unfortunately most figures have disappeared along the way, but otherwise the papers should be correct. State of the art of the use of traffi... read more

2. Münich – Germany

1989... read more

1. Vienna – Austria

1988  ... read more

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32 Warsaw, Poland

SAVE the DATE   Conference: 24/25 October 2019 Traffic safety researcher course: 22/23 October 2019 General Assembly: 26 October 2019 Futher information wi...

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